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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ollie Jewellery - The Best Choice of Gift

by Cynthia Lee

I am no Cheesie of Cheeserland or Audrey of Fourfeetnine with worldwide fame gained from their blogging. But I am very grateful to have supportive readers-cum vendors who believes in my work and have been supporting me throughout my blogging period in YourShoppingKaki. 

I couldn't have asked for more when Ollie Jewelllery proposed to sponsor some of their precious products for my budget wedding. I couldn't have thought of presenting the bridesmaids with some jewelleries! And it doesn't even cost a bomb even if I were to purchase it for them ;)

I DIY-ed as much as I can for the budget wedding and here's a Photobook mini card collection for display! =D

I remembered the first time when I have gotten my first sponsored product from Ollie Jewellery, it was in a pretty basic paper box, like those that you can find in any other kiosk selling costume jewellery.
This time I am impressed! 
It was a solid casing, wrapped beautifully with fancy material to give a more elegant look to the whole gift experience.

Feeling all warm and fuzzy to see 'em

I was way happy when I was given a heart shaped pendant for a review. But when Nani of Ollie Jewellery offered the idea to give the bridesmaid some jewelleries instead of the conventional flower corsages or sort, I was excited! I mean, why have I not thought of that?

These costume jewelries made of sterling silver and embellished with Grade AAA cubic zirconia are encased in a suede box. It comes with a brand card by Ollie Jewelries and a basic care instruction

Simplicity at its best!

encased in a neat case of maroon with bow trimming, this is a great gifting idea, don't you think so? =D

The three pendant from behind are for the girls and I got a selection of a heart shaped one and another triangle zirconia which I have gotten previously.

If you are not a loud person who wants to scream out the boldest of attention, but instead yearns for timeless and affordable costume jewelries to achieve that subtle form of elegance without coasting a bomb, then you got yourself to the right avenue.
Ollie Jewelry specializes in silver jewelries adorned with beautiful sparkling zirconia stones and are molded into very detailed form to form some very good looking pieces.

With the affordable price tag ranging from as low as RM40 for a pair of stud earrings or even a pendant, one can literally add into their accessories collection and wear a different one for every outing. In my case, I am totally digging the idea of getting these for my friends as a token of thank you for helping me out during my wedding. Rather than searching high and low for the cutest mugs, pretty picture frame, or a collection of body lotions, getting these costume jewelries is a much more personalized option. And needless to say, looks more exclusive too! =D

Some of my favorites here!

Simple yet elegant, these earrings is definitely an essential to glam up your look
Price starts from as low as RM40 and up to RM125 for the most intricate on.

I have gotten the butterfly motif one for my friend, Michelle, Fiona and Maya. 
Why butterfly? Come to think of it, how we met and got closer is pretty remarkable and very related to YourShoppingKaki haha!

I got to know Michelle as she operates Supermodels secrets and she have been supporting YSK for so many years with her banner placement and continuous products sent to us for reviews. This online platform have certainly got us into this long-term relationship.
Fiona is a beauty blogger from Street Love and also pretty much an expert in all this online thingamagic. We met via the net obviously - with me constantly searching for all things that can beautify me and she blogging about all the beauty potion available.
Maya is a school mate of mine since secondary school and is now a successful cookie monster who promotes her ever famous 'once-you-eat-you-can-never-stop' chocolate chips cookies thru social media under the name Maya Cookies. Again, I introduces her online potential clients and she feeds me with free cookies! 

See how we are like the online butterflies that roams on the virtual world and bump into each other? =D

Read Fiona's version on her review of the gift to her! 
Read : Street-Love

Yeah, we love 'em Ollie pendants!

Thank you girls and thank you Ollie for these awesome and affordable gifts!

Start browsing for some awesome gifts now at 

Happy Shopping!!
By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


sohail akthar said...

Very beautiful design these are best for giving gift to the special one and the reviews seems great I am very found of Online shopping but its hard to trust every where anyhow I have found your review cool.

sohail akthar said...

Thank you for sharing this nice content here with great design and proper timing this is really best for giving gifts, this is the main reason for doing Online shopping.

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