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Monday, March 3, 2014

Not So Creepy After All

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

When I have gotten this edition of the Monster High, I must say I was abit reluctant to explore further as it really does seem like a starter pack meant ONLY FOR KIDS. So you must have thought that the entire range of Monster High IS FOR KIDS. Have a search online and you will be amazed at how many adults who actually crave for 'em creepy lil monster and literally stalks Toys R Us regularly to get the latest collection on the shelf.

I, am a big fan of 'em. To date, I have 21 of them, which is not a lot compared to those online fans I got to know who have 100s of these dollies!

Yes, my dolls lives in the penthouse section of my wardrobe and I take them out from time to time for some bonding session.

It took me exactly 5 months to actually look into this set and I am amazed now!
It is not only for kids, as I had assumed :3

The Create-A-Monster Color Me Creepy comes in a starter pack with dolls and add-on pack which consist of a pair of dresses in each pack. I got a Sea Monster set an add-on pack.

The reviews I see online were amazing! These monsters' limbs were made of some technology that allows their parts to change color when dipped in water of cold temperature. And once it changes colors, that's when you start being creative and start drawing! There are 2 pens provided, the cold metal tipped pen where you need to fill in wiht cold water, and the 'friction' pen, which as per what I read, is meant to create heat when rubbed on to the surface of the doll, this inverting the changed color.

The props in the kit

There is an instruction guide to lead you thru.

I tried playing with it, but got slightly bored, as I have high expectation to draw prints and patterns like an artist! =D 

Soaked one of the legs into icy water. Look at how the color changes form the original blue to black slowly.

Use the friction pen to draw on the surface that just got turned black

See how the colors turn back to its original when contacted with heat.

I am not a good verbal narrator and hence didn't manage to record the process of playing with 'em ghouls. But here's a video I found that shows best what can you do with the Create-A-Monster Color Me Creepy set. It pretty up sums up all that you can do with the entire set :)

If you have lil' sisters to please, these would be a great gift set to keep them occupied attempting to draw. But this may not be too interesting a set for adult collectors like me. I like the collecting part of it and seldom break their limbs to play around. But that's the flexibility that you can get in the Create-A-Monster kit - break and join the limbs back! =D
I love details and the more elaborate the better. Hence most of the dolls in my collection either have heavy make up or elaborate dresses - the characters of divas! For the Color Me Creepy set, these dolls are kept minimalist in style so that you can explore more on the drawing parts. The accessories in the kit is awesome I must say.

Check out these intricate arm band and legs accessories!

If you are a follower of the Monster High ghouls and actively purchase them form Toys R us, it's pretty common that you get updates on their events from time to time. Here's one that happened 2 months back (yeah, way outdated post here!) where they had a movie review on the 13 Wishes movie, and in conjucntion with the launch of the 13 Wishes series of dolls.

I love their clever use of puns!

The MH cupcakes!! 

Do not underestimate the power of the ghouls! They have ALOT of fans yo!

Never ever miss a chance to have a picture with their cute box-like backdrop yo!

You get to snap pictures with the human version of the ghouls I tell you!

I didn't manage to go since it was a weekday. So I sent my 'online' friend over since she absolutely love them monsters. And yes, she is another adult who does not mind sharing the passion towards these dolls just like any other 5 years old kids =P

Spot the human Cleo!

And the show is on!

Pssstt... Today, I adopted another monster into my closet. I just cannot resist!!

Introducing Viperine Gorgon, of so gorgeous!
An up-close of Viperine Gorgon :) Isn't she pretty!?

The Monster High dolls are available at all Toys R Us store, Parkson and Jusco AEON. Price starts from RM59.90 for a basic dolls.

I am a happy monsta!
By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


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