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Monday, August 12, 2013

Event Review: AVEDA for the Lustrous Locks

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

After my first workshop with K-Palette by Vanity Trove, I got the hang of going for such events and agreed to have a go at Fiona's invite to her Aveda event. It wa s an event organised by Aveda for Street-Love's readers and I am a great fan of Street-Love mind you!

There are 30 of us in the Luxasia Training Room located in Northpoint Mid Valley. The word 'Training Room' does't sound appealing as I can envision rows of chairs with stuck on desktop and you need to plonk your backside onto the small chair and 'strap' yourself to the desktop stuck to the chair!

Lucky it wasn't as what I have in mind!

There's nice seating with mirrors and towels on the table :)

organic tea to calm those tigress in the room!

tools top be used during the hairtsyling makeover contest!

2 range of hairstyling products to be used for the contest - 
a set for those who want straight hairstyle and another set for those who wants voluminous and curly hair.

Demonstration counter everywhere for the participants to try out the Aveda range

I had a try of the Aveda Paddle brush (RM108) which works great to de-tangles hair and give those accu-pressure massage to the hair scalp. For someone who rarely combs her hair (maybe twice a month), this is definitely something so comfy I have never felt as good before :3

The test on Paddle Brush (RM108)

At the start of the event, the people in Aveda actually recite their company's vision and mission! I love it when an organisation sticks true to their vision and mission to the extend they can recite it! It's like you never lose track of what you are supposed to deliver ;)

The workshop is to introduce the Invati range which is supposed to make your hair as lustrous as this:

I want! :3

The Invati range available for sales

The winner for the best styled hair - not me, sadly!
She won RM500 voucher to spend on Aveda's products. 

Getting ready for the picture!

Chakra mist! I would so buy these if thy were on sales. 
Smells naturally like you just rolled down from Himalaya! (wait, how does Himalaya smells like?)

Loots and door gift for the day

Most of the time, if I goes to a bazaar, event or a workshop, I honor the fact that the organbiser took a lot of effort to organise it. And in return I always buy something as a token of appreciation. It may not apply to high ticket items like a pot of La Mer for RM500 though!

I got myself the Aveda Blue Oil for RM68. We were introduced to this magic potion during the start of the event where each of us were given a dollop to rub onto palm and were asked to give a deep sniff, like this :

What does it smell like? Like a thousand Mentos! 
Totally refreshing to start a long session of slide presentation. Wakes the un-awaken ones =D
I have never stopped using it since then! 

So where can you get Aveda's outlet? There are currently 2 retail outlets available in KL - Pavillion and One Utama.

And here's me with Wei Ni. And my losing hairstyle :( Don't know what was I thinking of going curly when I have always failed in doing hot curls at home!

Want to know more about the Aveda Invati system? Read more about it here via Street-Love's review: Invati by Street-Love!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee (a.k.a. YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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