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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bite Sized Beauty Box

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

As a girl, lady, woman, we are always on the constant search. We will never stop searching, browsing thru counters and every page possible that says - "You can be beautiful too"
Yes, who doesn't want to? They always say, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. True enough =) But luckily for us, it's getting easier to beautify ourselves.

There's also pretty lil' girl! Awww!

We go all out to try every other products available in the search for beauty. We spend 1/4 of the salary to invest in products that promises smooth and supple skin, anti-aging effect, voluminous hair, brightening effect and many other magical words that will make our eyes twinkle. Then, we end up having these corners at home dedicated to these beautifying produce; like mine, only to find out that some of these just don't suit our diva-sensitive skin. So you end up using those RM250 worth of serums on your knees :(

Welcome to my corner that promises me beauty! 

Here's how all these beauty boxes come in to salvage your money. While it's not a free box to begin with, it definitely is a fraction of the cost compared to an actual size product as this allows you to try out a particular product(s) before deciding on purchasing the actual size.

Here's a box that has once made an appearance and went on hiatus for a short period. They are back with a bigger surprise. In a smaller form :)

Great items in a smaller form ;)

At only half the packaging size compared to the rest of the beauty boxers out there, you cannot expect this box to fit a 250ml shampoo that'll last you a month. As much as I like receiving big boxes that can be re-used later on to store stationeries or makeup, there's only so much I can take up in the storage (scroll up and see my stash of boxes from previous purchases and sponsored boxes). Having the Modbox in the size of a hand phone box is pretty acceptable for me. Pretty sustainable and paper saving - you are after all paying for the beauty samples, not pretty shredded paper :)
(Earth saving tips : those who have been getitng boxes with shredded paper, save it! Use it when wrapping gifts for your friends!)

Let's have a look at the box's contents. Contents are accompanied with my YSK model of the day - the Gorgon Girl from the Monster High Create-a-Monster Collection =P

All samples nicely tucked in the cardboard box and product description comes in a mini booklet! 
Sustainable! I like!

For each Modbox subscription, you are allowed to choose 3 items 

Claims to be a powerful solution to protect from both UVA and UVB ray, like bulletproof protection! Let's see if it's that powerful! =D
The texture is pretty thick to begin with, but not very oily. The thickness of a cream always gives me the notion that they can be depended on to provide higher protection since it's so thick and can form a really 'thick' barrier! ;)

Crabtree & Evelyn - Lavender Hand Therapy + Tarocco Orange Body Lotion  sachet
I guess these need no introduction. A brand synonym for any lotion fans. It is a great trial set for those who have heard of it, but never made the first step to invest in their lotions. I am one such person! No doubt I have heard of this brand and how awesome it is, but it never prompted me to try until a friend passed me a sample. And boy, I am hooked! Now I used their body shower gel and their lotion diligently! ;)

I have heard so much about this and was about to buy the actual one to give it a try! (See? How we girls hear about something and dash off to go get the product without much thought if it suits us?) Now I get to try out 1gram of it before I dash off to their counter to buy. Wait! I don't even have to leave home to buy. Modbox offers these products online! More on that later.

Who doesn't need an eye cream? With our hectic lifestyle, almost no one can run away from puffy eyes and dark eye rings. Unless you don't need to work or go to college, or maybe you just don't have those! The Murad Eye Lift Illuminator claims to de-puff those tired eyes and reduces swelling while increasing skin formness in just 15 minutes! 
Eye cream is never cheap. If they really do come cheap, then you may be wondering if it would do the skin around your eyes any good. Because eye cream is not affordable, it is therefore more reason for you to sample various brands of eye cream in the most economical mode possible before investing in one that suits you.
I am not too sure if you will be convinced with just a one time application (based on the content in the sachet), perhaps Modbox should consider throwing in at least 2-3 sachet of the same item so that fussy users will be able to have a thorough trial of the product. :)
But if this particular product promises results in 15 minutes, I guess one sachet is enough to do the magic! We will see!

My dead eyes need the lift very badly!

As this is a complimentary item that comes together with the Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Lotion, there is no description about this small vial. It carries the signature floral scent since Crabtree & Evelyn products are very floral based. Nothing to complain when it comes complimentary. :)
For EDT aficionados, here's another scent to tease your senses. You may want to add this to your collection after the first whiff. :)

The actual Modbox allows you to pick 3 main items for each box that you are subscribed to. 
Register first as a member and take some time to fill up your Beauty Profile so that the people in Modbox can get to know you better and make further improvement for the future. However, if you are impatient and would like to skip that step, then go ahead on getting your beauty box, go ahead!

Start picking you items here : I WANT THIS IN MY BOX

Here's how you do it!

What happens after you have tried those products and it convinces you that it suits you? You can head on to the nearby mall, get the actual sized product and worry no more about taking a risk before buying. :)
But if you somehow live remotely far from any shopping civilisation and you only depend on the postmen to bring you the latest of your magazine subscription, fret not! Some of the products that are available for trial in the beauty box can also be purchased online via Modbox's own online shop - ModShop

For certain participating brands you are able to get the products at a discounted rate when purchased via ModShop. Check the behind of the product description tag to see if the product comes with discount codes or not. ;)

I am so going to get this! =D

The old Modbox used to be RM19, not inclusive of postage, which is actually the cheapest box in town, even with postage included. Thriving to maintain the same momentum of pricing, they are currently still the cheapest in town to offer you beauty junkies!
What can you do with RM9? Get a McDonalds Value Meal, or a fashion magazine, or a pack of nasi lemak with drumstick and sotong or maybe a lip balm or perhaps a Modbox?
Yes! For RM9 (not inclusive of postage fees) the box is yours.

Look!! I just converted someone into getting a Modbox >.>

ignore the horrendous typo ;)

Sample it Now!
Website    |       Facebook    |    ModShop

Happy Shopping!!
By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

1 comment:

Jem said...

Great post. My girlfriend uses this.

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