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Friday, July 26, 2013

Event Review: K Palette Workshop by Vanity Trove

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

If there is any beauty box out there that I would always recommend, that would be Vanity Trove of course! Not only did they do a great job in their troves, they also organize awesome workshops! I am never one who likes to attend any form of workshop, press launch, media invites or the sort. Even if it's for FREE! Yes, I am shy like that! =P

But for this time after much persuasion, I braved myself to attend ONE.SINGLE.WORKSHOP. Because there is this Valerie Tan of Vanity Trove who was so persistent in her persuasion that it made me felt that I owe her something! And here I am, paying back something that I owe her - by attending the K Palette workshop jointly organised by Vanity Trove Malaysia.

The workshop was held in Zender's @ Publika, a pretty nice and secluded restaurant for a small group

Self check before the workshop begins

As I was the first to arrive (kiasu!) I managed to take all the time there is to snap pictures of the products laid nicely on the table before it's being touched by any curious hands =P

Oh the 24 hours Real Lasting Eyeliner is oh-so-fine

The entire range that will be introduced during the workshop!

The Okuma concealer is perfect to conceal the eye area and to be used as a primer/base 
before applying eye shadow and eyeliner. 
It comes in 3 shades to suit the different tone of the Asian skin.

A bit odd to introduce the BB cream AFTER the concealer as that's not how make up application is! =P The Otema BB cream is pretty fluid compared to those BB cream I have been using. Would think that these are best for those without much skin problems and have less uneven skin tone to tame ;)

We were also given some very useful tips on how to create the perfect cute fade that is seen on most Japanese girls =D The workshop revolves very much on the eyes areas since K Palette's products comprises mainly of eyeliners of various sort.

Some pre-printed guides on how to have perfect features with cosmetic enhancement =D

Inagaki-san had a demonstration on one of the participants while the other participants on the floor, floow suit step by step. She was also kind enough to have a round of inspection to check on our self-learnt skills =D

Hands-on demo and on-the-floor tips for the participants

Here's how to achieve well defined brows!

The workshop was a lot of fun. Learning about eye liners and all other eye related make up thrills me. As they said, your eye says a thousand thing about a person. And dressing up the eyes really does make wonders to a person :)

All sorts of eyeliners to tempt you!

This is an interesting product for those with bleached hair. 
Match your brow colors with the K Palette Eyebrow mascara 
for a more toned down hue if you have colored your hair to shades of brown.
I forgot how much was this, but it is really a good item to keep to 
alter the color of your brows to match the hair!

Do you also know that we were introduced to the current trend in Japan? The eye bag trend! This is pretty easy for people like me to achieve, as I rarely sleep! But for those who have enough of their pretty sleep but yet would still like to be in the trend of the kawaii-dom, this is something you ought to know.

The eye-bag highlighter! Haha! Apparently this is a trending style by a lot of Asian celebrities 
to achieve the cutesy and innocent look. The product is not out in the market yet unfortunately ;(

Here's how the tear-tank pen looked like. 
Alternatively, you just need to sleep less and smile to have prominent eye bags!

I can't resist leaving the workshop and not buying more stuff! Besides the gift box sponsored by Vanity Trove and K palette which contains K Palette's products, I snapped up more stuff since there were on promotion during the workshop period =D

The gift box with my own loots too and I have been practicing hard in drawing the perfect line yo!

Skills learnt for the day  =D

Keep a lookout on Vanity Trove for time to time for more exciting workshop at a very reasonable rate :)
But of course, while you are at Vanity Trove s site, do fill up your beauty profile and have a look at all the participating brands. You never know if you can get lucky to win something home!

This month onwards, Vanity Trove beauty box will be specially curated accordingly to your beauty profile. Yes, you now can purchase your beauty box based on your beauty needs. Contrary to the normal procedure of beauty boxes where you wait patiently for the box to arrive only to know what's in it, you can now be in control to what you can expect! Isn't that good news to those who cannot stand surprises?  And this is sure to reduce and form of disgruntle for those who may receive things they are not keen to sample on ;)

Head on to Vanity Trove and check out how to curate your own box!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee (a.k.a. YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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