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Monday, March 28, 2011

Product Review: The Scarf Trend

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Product Review: A Trend To Scarf Down
Available at: Posh Chics

At the mention of scarves and shawls, please do not assume this is a post to teach you how to wear a tudung =D But I am keen to one day write a review on tudung perhaps =P I am a big fan of drapes. Mannequin draping, chair drapings, saree draping and all things I can drape.

My visual drapes at work

My ambitious head drapes =P

I have always love the invention of those small lil piece of cloth that comes in pretty colors - scarves. I suspect it could have been due to the constant folding of it at work place.

Neatly folded square scarves at work ;)

I have recently gotten some colorful scarves to add to my collection of scarves. Yes, I am a collector. After all, who can resist those fine prints on those glossy silk or chiffon? Great to wear as accessories, or even to frame up! ;)

While it is very easy to purchase scarfs or tudung online for those who wears it, it is often rare to find a site that sells 'decorative' scarves. These are slightly smaller in sizes (about 20" x 20") and definitely will be insufficient to cover a head fully. The most that it can cover would perhaps be used a bandanna.

So you may feel that it is very unnecessary to have this small little handkerchief lookalike piece of cloth that doesn't look like it can absorb sweat at all!

Ooh! Those vibrant colors shining on glossy silk!
The colourful collection from Posh Chics

And so you may ask what can you actually do with this piece of thing, that absorbs no sweat and covers no head. Personally there are a few functions that appeals to me:
  • Liven up your dull attire - many of us prefer to don the all black ensemble due to many reason - to create slimmer look, due to work, you make very bad decision on colors or you simply hate colors =P
Add some color to your corporate blazer | Tied at the neck to replace the heavy necklaces ;)

Tied at the neck with knot in front and slipped into blouse and create a small collar

Create a wide collar with this rainbow scarf! | Do the Korean air-hostess style?

Of course, if you wish to wear these scarves, you are not confined to only wearing the funeral black attire. A black attire normally creates a good base for any other color except black color accessories ;)

You can also wear the scarves on any other attire with a single colored base. For example, match the polka dotted scarf with a lavender fitted blouse or round neck dress. Or match the rainbow colored scarf with a pink or orange top ;)

See how vintage wearers too don the scarf! ;)
(pic credit to Stellar)

  • Add details to your bags - tie it anyhow you wish to add details to your monochrome hued bag. The finer prints of the scarf definitely bring a dash of fresh air to your favourite plain bag ;) There isn't a straight rule as to how you want it to be tied on. As long as it is secured and is pleasant to your creative mind and sight, it should be good enough. I have some pictures of how I tied mine ;)
tied the toga way | a knot on the handle

a knot on the handle | rainbow twisted handle! <3 <3

You can see this drape very often on blouse. Why not try on your bag ;)

The horizontal strap <3 <3

  • Do the things people don't do! - yeah, be creative and wear as your creativity allows you to ;) After all, if quirky people wear neon colored tights with miniskirt and Crocs, why cant we wear the scarves anyhow we like?
Wear as a bikini top during your beach vacation

As a bandeau top
  • Back to basic - and of course, the versatile scarf is most commonly used as a head tie since way back when the cowgirls are busy herding cows and feeding chickens ;)
Do the rabbit ear head-band tie, without the hard wire of course ;)

The milkmaid style?

And the prairie style

I hope by now you are super excited with these colorful prints of scarves. Because I am! I wish I had more time for more pictures on more ways to wear it, ridiculous or not! =P

Head on the Posh Chics
and pick your favourite scarf now!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

1 comment:

gorgeousdeal.sg said...


I love the way you express you're creativity and you are right become creative is a nice thing to do.

Keep it up!

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