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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Your Face!

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Are you getting deprived of sleep due to endless assignment due dates? Urgent deadlines at work? Or perhaps excessive exposure to the outdoors?

These are just some symptoms that we girls (and guys) have to encounter. The stress nevertheless does not end there. It shows in the face! Your absolute prized possession! People say that eyes are windows to your soul, but you must admit that before checking out a person's eyes the first thing you notice is usually their face. Plus, what with pollution, gravity and the inevitable aging, your skin's natural ability to heal itself lessens. And that's where Darcy and Jones comes in! They provide a huge amount of beauty products for you to protect your youthful beauty.

Some of my loots

Those plagued by nose blackheads and whiteheads can use the Shiseido Nose Mask. I've seen a few people with severe blackheads and whiteheads on their nose! It's so bad that upon looking at their faces you can literally see the heads standing up on their nose. It's really quite disturbing. (check own nose)

For face masks, they have a plethora of them! Remember, people usually stare at your face before anything else, so keep them looking young, fresh and with a bounce to your skin with these selection of masks!

Your body is made out of 75% water. Keep it hydated and nourished with Catena H2O Eight Cups of Water Series.

For those who love the scent of Lavender and Rose, they've got 2 masks just for that! Dainty Design Lavender Mask and Dainty Design Rose Mask.

If you're a fan of the famed BB Cream, they've got it in stock as well! Lohashill BB Cream comes in sample sizes for you first timer. Selling at RM7 for 5ml or RM55 for 50ml, the sample tube is perfect for newbies who would like to have a peek into the wonderful wonders of BB cream. Also great as a travelling kit. As I am a use of BB Cream myself (Missha), I personally feel it is a great replacement to liquid foundation for those who opt for a lighter make up application. It may not provide as much coverage compared to foundation, but there is always this essential item called concealer that we can use together to create the natural and flawless look ;)

Before | After
Using the Lohashill Rose Sun Blemish Balm with SPF20

Before | After
Using Lohashill Essential Blemish Balm

Fully BB-creamed. A more toned complexion and slight coverage of my overly enlarged pores ;(

Last but not least, our eyes. The very window to our soul.

Scary eye no? Baffled with puffy eyes?

Deck Out Women Eye Mask. Sad to say, it's sold out on their site but do drop them an email to see if they are able to restock it. :) I have personally tried this once only and it's rather difficult for me to tell you the result immediately, but I would say that sort of treatment is better than no treatment ;)

This is how it looks like, cooling gel pieces.
And you can refer to my uneven skin tone
as compared to the one which has been BB-fied.

Slow down aging now!
Check out Darcy and Jones for more beauty products created to make our skin glow!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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