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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Product Review: The Bag I Had To Have

I'm a bit of an addict.

Not a drug addict, of course, but an addict of pretty, interesting things that I have to have. And while being a shopaholic is quite the must-go-shopping addict, I operate on a have-to-have basis that is very much like ... falling in love.

And trust me when I say, it's a whole new ball game!

You think about him - or in this case, it - all the time, you casually slip its name into conversations (you can't help it!), you're magnetically pulled to it gazing lovingly back at you ...

It can be a pair of multicoloured gladiator wedges, or a peacock-print maxi dress with an empire waistline to die for, or it can be a leather bag that will rock the socks off any outfit you blindly pull out from your wardrobe.

Today, we will hold hands and take a journey of total immersion into the story of The Bag I Had To Have. :D

Chain Me Bag from The October, RM188 (free delivery)

Of course it's yellow! Were you expecting anything else? ;P If you were, you can't call yourself a seasoned YSK reader ... but don't worry, you have plenty of opportunities to LOL at my obsession with the colour yellow.

But if you're an old-timer at this humble little blog, and you're thinking to yourself, "Didn't she just write about a yellow bag not so long ago?" - then... come onnnnn, don't burst my bubble and just read on! XD I am a staunch believer that you can never have too many of the things you love. :)

Certainly, though, not everybody likes yellow - so it's a good thing that this bag is available in three colours! :)

Available in three gorgeous, versatile colours - mustard yellow, coffee brown, dusky black

Yes, it's genuine leather! Breathe in the sensuous scent of leather as you receive your bag! If you think the price tag of RM188 is steep for online shopping, consider the fact that it is nearly impossible to buy a leather bag - quality assured - anywhere else for this price! :) The only reason we are getting it under RM200 is because The October is, luckily for us, an online store! :D

It's such a gorgeous bag:

I think the black version of this bag is the most versatile, but the yellow is the most unique!

You can view a very detailed collection of pictures of the bag - trust me, it looks EXACTLY the same as the photos on The October - at the online store, but here are some pictures I took myself to show you the bag I bought. :D This is how it arrived:

I'm loving how roomy and spacious it is, exactly what I need since I'm the kinda girl that packs quite a mini-suitcase where ever she goes! :P Mum always says I have so much stuff in my bag, it's like I'm moving to a new house. Lol! Also, I need a big bag so I can put my purchases in it when I go shopping. Especially since a lot of stores these days don't provide plastic bags anymore (and we want to be eco-friendly on our end too, so bring a big bag and say no to plastic bags!).

This is me ~ totally and utterly, in love ~ hahaha!
(Sorry I forgot to close the wardrobe door, I keep my favourite bags in there, dustbagged and all!)

Go check out the bag in its full glory here: The October.

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

the.OCTOBER said...

Hi Sha-Lene,

The feeling is Always Great whenever we get to know there are people out there who loves and appreciate the collection by the.OCTOBER :)

Thanks so much for sharing us your thought towards Chain Me Bag. Your time spent onto reviewing this bag is really appreciated!

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