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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Blogshop Of The Month"

*Updated: 9 March 2009*

Your Shopping Kaki is back for a quick announcement! :D

From the month of MARCH onwards, I’ve decided to do a special feature on ONE lucky blogshop EACH MONTH! :D The blogshop’s banner, link and name will be prominently featured on this blog. This will not be a paid advertisement, and the decision as to which is the lucky blogshop is solely up to Your Shopping Kaki and made in fellow consumers’ best interest! ;) up to this blog's readers to decide! :D

If you are interested in nominating your favourite blogshop as “Blogshop of The Month”, just send me an e-mail at yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com with the Subject Title “BLOGSHOP OF THE MONTH”. ;) Please state the blogshop's URL and why you are nominating it! A screenshot of the email will be taken, and posted up to tell everyone why that blogshop deserves a vote! :D

Don't worry, your name and contact details will be censored out - the purpose of the screenshot is to show the content of the e-mail only. :)

I will accept all nominations, but there is a limit of 10 nominations for each month's voting. :) The remaining nominees will be moved to the following month instead.


If you are a blogshop owner, but your e-shop doesn’t get picked even though you’ve been nominated or you didn't get nominated, don’t worry or feel bad! And please do understand that I will only feature ONE blogshop each month.

If your blogshop is not selected, and really, really want to shine that all-important publicity spotlight to direct traffic to your blogshop, Your Shopping Kaki provides PAID advertising services on this blog. Kindly click HERE to find out more! :)


Rest assured to know that there’s always the Shoutmix Tagboard above the Links Lists, where you can advertise as much as you like (although hopefully without spamming) – absolutely free of charge and no strings attached! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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