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Thursday, February 19, 2009

"8 Colours of the Shopping Rainbow"

Picture this.

It's a sunny Saturday morning, and you pull open your closet doors.

What do you want to see?

Black, black, black, black... an ocassional white...

... OR ...

White, red, black, purple, green, blue, pink & your special rainbow artillery?

As Your Shopping Kaki, I must confess that I love colours, and am now more than delighted to share this colourful collection with you! :D


*a kimono-specialist blogshop that brings in "anything but kimono" outfits once in a while - this is one of those times!*

"White Maxi"

With a gold tie-back sash and golden prints, this soft-flowing WHITE chiffon dress is to die for!
The innocent-yet-sexy look is completed with the classic figure-flattering assymetrical hemline.

Your Shopping Kaki has done her fair share of shopping in her 20 (almost 21!) years of life, but she has yet to set her eyes upon a dress like this - online or off! It's one of their special garments indeed. ;)

"Corporate Beauty"

Made of good quality thick cotton, this black jacket is a pseudo-formal piece of art.
With its slim white lining and dark contrasting base, I recognised it at once! :D

Does this look familiar to you?

Now you know you can wear it for work, classes, presentations, lunch with your girlfriends...
...or even celebrity post-prison walks of fame! XD


It's lightly-pleated, siren-red, and - as Colour Me Pretty put it - puts the "mini" in "miniskirt"! :P This sexy baby was made to show off those gorgeous, long legs - and also to make not-so-long legs look a li'l longer. ;)

With two inch-long heart-shaped buttons, this miniskirt's got the Cute Factor in-built too! :)

Footy Bag
*blogshop that sells only replica designer bags*

"Chanel quilted bag with intertwined chain strap"

You've probably seen Hollywood celebrities wearing their quilted Chanel chain-strap bags all over Tinseltown, and you might want one too! :D
Luckily for online shoppers everywhere, the blogosphere sports quite a number of blogshops specialising in replica designer bags, and Footybag is one of those rising stars.
This PURPLE replica Chanel bag is also available in black, white, silver, and dark grey.

*pre-owned site selling used and unused goodies*

"Buttercup Tube Dress"
RM49 (negotiable!)

The cut and colour of this adorable little tube dress (it's brand new, by the way!) reminded me of a certain cartoon character with the same name. :D

Can you guess who?

If you were a fan of the Powerpuff Girls as a child (or still are a fan), you have one more reason to plug in those haggling antennae and start naming your price for the Buttercup Tube Dress already! ;)

Your Shopping Kaki's tip for bargaining?
Find out the original price & how long ago it was purchased - these are factors you can take into account in offering a price for a pre-owned but brand new item! :D

*pre-owned site selling used & unused goodies*

"Electric blue dress"

This striking blue cotton dress is free-size (do ask for measurements if you're not sure) & easy to slip into for casual outings and parties - essentially a staple piece in every girl's wardrobe! :)
It comes with a sash, so it can be worn as a halter dress or a tube dress (as pictured).

Oh, and you'll like to know this, babes - they're also open to SWAPS! :)

"Corset Dress"

Ahh, pink and white florals!
How could I resist reviewing this beautiful, beautiful vintage dress? <3
The corset top of the dress is guaranteed to show off those curves - and the flares at the collar are just so wonderfully OTT (Over The Top) that it reminds me of who may be the most famous female figure in the world...

Barbie! :D

[Credits: www.misquincemag.com]

My Clothes Affair

"Coloured Tights" - RM10 *steal!*

There is no doubt that this review's special rainbow artillery has to be colourful leggings that can change the look of your entire outfit! :D And at the lowest price I've seen offered online, feel free to grab a piece in each colour! ;)

Wondering why there’s nothing in yellow, especially for those who know that yellow is Your Shopping Kaki’s favourite colour? ;)

Tune in next week on Thursday, 26 February – and you’ll find out in my next review:
“8 Pieces in The New Black”!

*Psst: More special offers coming your way next week - exclusive to Your Shopping Kaki's readers only!!*

Happy Shopping!

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