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Thursday, February 26, 2009

"8 Pieces in the New Black"

Do you recognise this man?

[Pic credits to www.theobamawave.com]

Hehe, no, this isn't a costume review (although that could be a fun review for Halloween!).

But if you know the man, you must know his wife.

And if you know his wife, you must recognise what is The New Black for 2009!

In 2008, it was electric blue ...

In 2009...

"It's yellow, Your Shopping Kaki readers!"
exclaims Michelle Obama to Jay Leno.


Word on the lucky-colour grapevine is that yellow is the auspicious colour this year
- but whether you're superstitious or think feng shui is a bunch of bahooey,
there's certainly something happily fashionable about this cheerful colour!

Besides, if any Tinseltowners are fashion authority this happy new year,
it's gotta be the Gossip Girls, no? ;D

[Taylor Momsen pic credits to www.img2.timeinc.net]

[Blake Lively]

Whether its pale, sunny, loud, plain or patterned,
surely you can't deny the fact that yellow is a happy colour! :)

So today, Your Shopping Kaki reviews for you 8 gorgeous pieces she's spotted in 2009's signature colour! :D


"Pretty Pleats"

Pair this pleated, ruffled blouse with a pair of jeans to formalise a casual outfit,
or with a solid-coloured high-waisted skirt to brighten up a business-like outfit! ;)

With a collar cut like the gorgeous floral maxi that Blake Lively (a.k.a. Serena Van Der Woodsen) was wearing above, there's no denying that you can buy yourself a slice of chic for under RM50 too! :D

* *

"Sunshine Yellow Criss-cross dress"

Ooh-la-la! Vintage goodies galore from Sasha Vintage!

Padded at the bust for comfort and convenience, straps crossed at the back for that extra sexy zing!, and figure-hugging to show off those curves, this is one family heirloom that's not going to be on sale for long. ;)

* * *

"Zip-zap Case"

I have a yellow pencil that's stuck with me, through art classes and dissections, lab reports and exams, doodles and lecture notes.

If you too have a yellow pencil - or any other loyal stationery, haha - pamper it with one of these funky zipper cases! :D Brighten up those Monday morning lectures already!

* * * *
*amazingly affordable goodies in this blogshop -
the lowest prices I've seen on blogshops for the same clothes!*

"2 strap singlet"

For a price like that, I'll go back to the basics anyday! ;)

This simple, casual piece is bright and flattering - it's even V-necked to make anyone look slimmer. Perfect for classes, shopping, walking the dog/cat/rabbit/hamster, and everything else that isn't labelled a black-tie event!

* * * * *

"Strapless Frilled Dress"

Ahh, a lightly-tiered tube dress that comes with that candy-coloured gumball necklace absolutely free! :) A very short version of the maxi dress!

Your Shopping Kaki would recommend this dress for those who aren't too tall, because otherwise the dress may be just a tad too short to be worn on its own. :)
Do ask for measurements if you're on the fence! :)

* * * * * *

"60s Polka" skirt

Helloo, polka skirt!

Complete with an elastic waistband, a matching belt, and inner lining, wouldn't you just dance the night away in this pretty piece? ;) It's demure and classy, but at the same time young and fun!

Pair it with a white blouse and white heels like the model in the picture, and you're all set. :D

* * * * * * *

"Tube dress"

Little dresses with mini pockets are always so cute! :D
Slightly bubble-hemmed, it's also something like a babydoll - and you know what that means! :)


Wear this to a buffet and there's no cause for worry - and who knows, those cute li'l pockets might even come in handy if you feel like "tapau"-ing something back! ;) Hehe!

* * * * * * * *
*Offering a YSK-Readers-Only promotion for this item reviewed!!*

"Little Miss" tote bags

If your Little Miss tees are feeling a li'l lonely, here's a Little Miss bag to keep it happy!

But wait!

Look what a sweet deal Your Shopping Kaki has managed to get for you! :)

And, as always, the password is: "Hi, I'm Your Shopping Kaki"! :D

I hope you've enjoyed this sunny review as much as I have! :)

Fashion is about having fun, and which colour is more fun than yellow, right? ;)

Dearest blogshop owners, if you are selling something in yellow and I didn't review it, feel free to leave a comment below this post so that readers who want more similar items can check out your yellow goodies too! :)

And while Your Shopping Kaki takes a break from colour-based reviews (eventhough she loves them to bits!), look forward to Thursday, 5 March!

My next review:

"I 8 Too Much Again"

Figure-flattering cover-ups galore! :D


And just a few days after that, comes the Blogshop of the Month feature for March! :)

Curious to know who Your Shopping Kaki has picked?

Come and find out on 8 March! :D

And until then - Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Irenelim said...

Simply lovely... I like yellow too!

Garde-Robe said...

we've got a yellow heart belt for sale too! do check it out at: http://garderobe-mode.blogspot.com/2008/12/grab-all-this-available-items-now.html



My Clothes Affair said...

Wheee! My Clothes Affair has a gorgeous yellow tube dress too! :D

FRENCH KISS ♥ said...

we've just updated with 2 gorgeous yellow dresses! :):)



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