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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Teaser: "What's in store on YSK?"

The time has finally come.

Consider Your Shopping Kaki OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! :D :D :D

YSK is back to launch her weekly updates - and to cater to your weekly indulgence! ;)

And as a special treat to all of you, dearest readers, I'm going to reveal EIGHT of nearly 50 review ideas that Your Shopping Kaki has in store for you! :D

So, sit back, relax, and look forward to...

"8 Colours of the Shopping Rainbow"
Have a hankering for something in each colour for your wardrobe? While the scientific community may argue that a rainbow-after-the-rain has only 7 colours, fashion - like everything that is wonderful and unpredictable in life - knows no rules. ;) Your Shopping Kaki is on a personal mission to review this colourful collection for you!

"8 Treasures Under RM25"
Yup, you read it here first! In a decade when everything is just so gosh darn expensive, YSK's going to polish her bargain-hunting antennae to bring you the seemingly impossible - treasures under twenty-five!

"8 Ways To Make A Statement"
A fashion statement, that is! Forget the low-profile and simplistic, Your Shopping Kaki will highlight 8 pieces of head-turn, attention-snatching garments that are guaranteed to stand out and make an impression! ;)

"8 Must-Haves For Your Wardrobe"
Get the basics, and you're all set! The basics of every babe's wardrobe are essential, because you can mix and match them with ANY number of clothes - and effortlessly create a different outfit and look for each day of the week!

"8 Looks To Steal"
Ah, the compulsory generic fashion review - but with a pitch you won't be able to resist! How often have celebrities jump-started everyday trends, influenced your shopping experience, and inspired the items stocked by our local blogshops a.k.a. online boutiques? From Gossip Girl to High School Musical, Paris Hilton to Zhang Ziyi, the Olsen twins to Lindsay Lohan... you've seen them all! BUT fashion magazines everywhere have been doing THIS type of review for decades, so what makes THIS review so special on YSK, right?

Here's my pitch: Read it HERE, get it LOCALLY, and steal those looks at PRICE TAGS we can actually afford! :D

"I 8 Too Much Again"
Figure-flattering goodies galore! The truth is that beauty may be on the inside, but how we look on the outside is usually a big influence on how we feel -- so think of these as feel-good clothes! :D Think of clothes you want to be wearing at a buffet when your tummy swells to twice its normal size, or when your fridge has broken down and you need to eat all the food. Think of the Fashion Ammunition - yes, ammunition! - for covering up wobbly bits! Think of those wonderful Illusion Dresses that make you look slimmer and taller. Think of clothes that will be the solution to the muffin-top dilemma from too-tight jeans!

Think of the problem - and Your Shopping Kaki will review the solutions here! :D

"There are 8 Letters in P-r-e-l-o-v-e-d"
Seeing as how pre-owned goodies don't get featured all that often, Your Shopping Kaki thought it would be an interesting venture to review 8 of these items! After all, in a time of the global recession, if you still need your fashion fix - going pre-loved is a great way to save some green! *Review priority will go to pre-owned items that have never been used*

"8 Deals To Check Out *NOW*"
With a single click, Your Shopping Kaki seeks to share with you a review on 8 blogshops that are offering fabulous promotions (such as Clearance Sales & massive discounts!) in the week that the review is done! Because promotions are fleeting and for short periods only (between 24 hours and a week), be sure not to miss THIS review! :D

And there you have it, just some of the many review ideas that Your Shopping Kaki has come up with! And this isn't even including festive season reviews we all love, like "8 Things For Mistletoe Moments"! :) So you have plenty to look forward to each week! ;)

Are you intrigued? Excited, even? I sure hope so (because I am! Hahaha!), and I also hope that you will continue visiting and supporting Your Shopping Kaki! :) And remember, suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome at YSK!

If you have any suggestions or "8" reviews that you would like me to do, drop me an e-mail or leave a comment below, and I'll see what I can do! ;)

"8 Treasures Under RM25"

*Teaser: some of the items I'll be reviewing tomorrow are actually priced higher on the blogshops - but they're being offered under RM25 - for YSK readers only!! Stay tuned for more YSK-Readers-Only prices, which will feature in reviews from time to time (or every time, if I can help it! Heee~)! ;)*

Happy Shopping!

1 comment:

Irenelim said...

Wow, I need to get some treasures under RM25! Heee~

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