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Monday, February 24, 2014

Event : Sharp & Kose Chinese New Year Workshop

A long belated post which I have yet to share with you readers.
Couple of weeks back, I managed to attend the  Sharp & Kose Chinese New Year workshop held in Gardens Mid Valley to give some tips to the ladies who are preparing to glam up for the lunar new year :)
Been a while since I drop by any event. I am just not a friendly person to go to a random event and start befriending people =P

The Sharp and Kose workshop was a pretty short and sweet one. We get to learn about both brands at a go.

I have long know about the goodness of the plasmacluster technology in the Sharp Plasmacluster range of products. In fact I own some of the plasmacluster products which I cannot live without!

When in a beauty event. of course Sharp will have something to boast - their ever famous Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Conditioning Hair Dryer. These dryer doesn't 'dry' your hair theoretically, instead it retains moisture to your locks and generates good ions to prevent your hair from getting into static moments :)

As of this year, Sharp have released a more extensive range of the hair dryer compared to previous year where they only have one signature one. Now you can have beautiful smooth hair on-the-go too! There's a compact travel sized version at only RM299 that you can tuck into your luggage.
And they come in the most luxurious colors of gold, rose pink and black. Check them out at the nearest electrical shop or visit Juztshop to purchase if you have already know about the goodness :)

Mr Chew from Sharp, explained about the plasmacluster technology that is in their product range and how it works and benefits the user.

Participants tried on on the conditioning hair dryer

Here I am holding the compact-sized one retailing at RM299

Of course, another highlight of the day is none other than the famous Japanese brand of skincare - Kose.
Participants were given lots of skincare tips to achieving a clearer and cleaner complexion. And of course no workshop can be complete without trying out the products as a whole :3

The spread of goodness on every table ready for use.

slides presentation before actually experimenting the actual products

The Kose Sekkisei range is a very popular range that is produced form plants derivatives and are therefore very gentle to the skin. I was very attracted to this particular one, the Kose Sekkisei Lotion
Like any other Kose products, all of them actually looked the same apart form the size difference. They are all in the signature blue bottle. 
The Kose Sekkisei Lotion is a moisturising emulsion that is to be applied onto face with cotton pad for greater effect, according to the beauty manager. Besides the daily routine of using it as a mild moisturiser, one of the benefits is that it can be soaked into sheet mask and be used as a moisturising mask. As it is mild, and if you afford, slapping on a piece of 'em on daily basis will definitely be the most luxurious treat for the skin!

This is how you do it to infuse a sheet mask with wholesome of  goodness.
And the soaking process continue with style!  LOL!

A proper guide on how to use the Lotion Mask

Everyone gets to try it out!

The cleansing cream which I love! Cream cleansing is actually an enjoyable process as you have to knead and massage your face throughout and this gives perks up your face at the same time while cleaning it up.

Check out the below! I randomly clean the top of my hand and pat on the Sekkisei Lotion. Can you notice how clean and supple it is on the middle area? OK, maybe you can't really see a 'supple' area, but it's definitely soft to the touch texture are slightly looking better

Here's some other products used throughout the workshop;

Gentle Eye Make Up Remover 

  Sekkisei Emulsion which is thicker than the lotion hence more concentrate

We were also given a try on the yet to be launched BB cream, which by now, at the time of posting, I would assume it's already launched =P
I thinkthe selection of BB cream is very subjective to each individual depending on what kind of coverage and skin type you have. This is a very light base one which is light on the face (obviously) and may not provide as much coverage if you have lots to conceal. Of course, you can always use concealer after that. I still like the texture and will be a good BB cream to use on days with no breakout and skins behaving better.

The new White BB Cream

 Sekkisei Supreme Loose Powder is so loose and light it feels great to get that matte look without appearing powdery

From a bare clean face to lotion-emulsion-BB cream-loose powder to complete the almost no make-up look.

Left the workshop with a clean and smooth face all prepped up for the day!

And as usual, I seldom leave any event empty handed. Bought the entire set of Kose skincare on sales during the event and am loving it!

Thank you Sharp and Kose!
Check out the Sharp Plasmacluster Facebook page for updates : Sharp Plasmacluster Malaysia 
Check out the latest of Kose products here : Kose Malaysia

By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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