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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Of gadgets and girls

This could probably be a boring post if you have no idea what exactly is mAh and the different type of USB head for different types of devices.
Perhaps, it's about time that we know a lil' bit more about these gadgety terms =D

the different types of head that we may not know of the name but you will know your gadget head when you spot one!

I really don't fancy talking about gadgets, as most of it just doesn't make it up to the list of trendy and fashionable =P
It is afterall just some form of electronic gadgets that we need to 

Spot the gadget of the day!


Gadget of the day : POWERBANKS
Yes, this power-charged device which I now cherish very much!
As much as we cannot live with smartphones, we cannot live without powerbanks too! Because smartphone drains up the battery power as fast as you can pee after a cup of frap! 

Let's have a look at some gorgeous powerbanks that can complement our styles ;)

Edvan Powerbank 5600mAh - RM120

With 5,600 mAh, this could last you a few rounds (3 rounds maybe) of charging. Love that it's compact in size and can also double up as a LED torch light. With a charging capacity of more than 500 times, this is totally worthy of the offered price at RM120.

This is my fave of all powerbank! I am currently using one in Pink =D
So slim that it's easily tucked into any pockets. Do you know how we often read in the news that there are those badly made powerbanks that is made up of bulky AA rechargeable batteries and compacted with sand around it to dissipate the heat of charging? With such slimness at 8.8mm, worry not that there will be some China AA batteries hidden in it!

This is how slim it is in comparison to an iPhone

This is one adorable mini box of power at only RM89! And don't you love those pastel trimming lining the device? =D
Weighing at only 120gm using Samsung Li-Ion Battery Cell, I think I am pretty convinced that it will go a long mile in charging since it's using a reknown brand of battery. I have googled around and it seems that Hotway Probbox is a pretty regular brand that produces a lot of good looking powerbanks and available in Singapore, Australian and of course here in Malaysia :)

When choosing a powerbank, never compromise and go for the cheapest one with the highest battery capacity and not knowing the authenticity. You wouldn't want to put your pricey phone at risk of explosion. 

In my early days of trying to search for one, I always look into coupon site and hope to be able to scout for those that sells at RM60 for 20,000mAh kind of powerbank. I had some friends who have those and they talking about how it can only charge up to 2 times per charging of the powerbank. Which is weird. Because a standard smartphone battery consumption is about 1850mAh - 2150 mAh. And if you have 20,000mAh in your powerbank, logically you will be able to charge for 20,000/ 2,150 which equals to 9 times of charging! With a lil' bit of googling did I come across these :

powerbanks that uses rechargeable AA look-alike battery and compacted with sand some more! ;/
Read more here : Cheap Powerbanks

Shop Powerbank @ Juztshop.com 

Hope you were slightly enlightened with my 10 cents worth of gadgets here! 
Happy Sunday and Happy Shopping ya all!

By Cynthia Lee (a.ka. YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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