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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A LOL-ling Fun TIme with the LOL Team!

By Cynthia Lee

Oh hello blog world!
2014 have started with a bang for me :)
I finally tied the knot on January 11, 2014, hence you can see that ppst have been so randomly sparse. It was a simple event and of course an affordable one too. After all, we are not called ShoppingKaki for no reason. We have a mission - to shop in THRIFT MODE! =D

Reception corner with all my DIY stuff haha!

Who needs bridal-shop-developed photos when you can get yours done via Photobook Malaysia =P

Through the few coming post, I will be sharing with you some reviews on those blogshops and websites who have oh-so-generously sponsored my 'economical' wedding affair!

Here I am starting off with one of the highlight of the event that everyone grew to love at the end of the event that the crew can't leave on time :/

A must have 'item' to prevent wedding dinners from being hogged by guest wanting to go on stage to sing - PHOTOBOOTH!

It was a very last minute decision for me to go with a photobooth session, but as I do not intend to play the norm of any conventional Chinese wedding dinner where you have to show slides of yourself and the partner from age 1 till current, I thought why not keep them busy doing something else?
So I got everyone LOL-ling for more with LOL Photobooth! =D

Guest get to show off for a whole 3 hours! 

The LOL team preparing before the start of the event.

Some of the props that is going to be over-utilized soon!

Upon committing to their services, the team have asked me specifically on the backdrop colors, the props concept and the photo frame concept so that they can start planning out for the day.
How difficult to assume that any other wedding would want a red backdrop, lovey-dovey props and photo frame with 1,000 love shapes all over. But because I never want to be mainstream, so I had mine in silver/grey backdrop, crazy props and a customized photo frame that matches my wedding card.
And they were working at speed to get all these up and confirmed in, say, A DAY time? Efficient!

Here's some of my favourite pictures for the day!

With the ShoppingKakis : Wei Ni of Peep Boutique, Nathalie and Jacyln!

Blogger friends over the years - Fiona of Street Love and Winnie Yeoh of Vaintips

With my classmates from highschool. Spot me with a chicken!

Spotted a guest trying to down the chicken!

That's my mum trying to be a Diva!

When I appointed the LOL Photobooth for the event, it was really something that I wanted to do for my friends who is attending the dinner. That is most probably 60 guest out of the 160 guest. Yes, the rest were people I barely get in contacts and were clans from mum's end *like.any.other.chinese.wedding*

The thrill and excitement of having their picture taken with props have suddenly spread and we have a multitude of characters never seen before surfacing!

Loner goes up the backdrop for a selfie    |  Some serious looking people wanting to show some muscles

Kids hogging the backdrop like I am organizing some kid's contest. And they walk over on their own!

More kids wanting a shot of fame!   | I spotted this kids a gazillion time!

Doctors become rockers   |        Aunty becomes a bunny

Spotted the restaurant waitresses sneaking out for a picture or two!

All pictures taken on the day will be printed and is available to be brought home. If you have 8 people in the picture, there will be exactly 8 sets of the picture frame available so that everyone gets to go home and ramble non stop on their bravest attempt in striking a pose :)

Pictures ready for guest to bring home!

Being Chinese, there's bound to be so much hoo-haas on what to do and not to do when organizing a wedding dinner event. I am glad I did the right thing by getting in a photobooth session. Everyone sort of went home with an achievement - they look great in the filtered pictures haha!

part of my stash from the night =D

The LOL team was really swift with their work attending to guest of all ages from 6yeras old up to 75 years old! With their reasonable price I am happy to see that they have sufficient manpower to man the booth, photoshopping every fussy pictures, snapping pictures non-stop and ushering everyone who have never heard of a photobooth session to try it out! 

Got an event in the pipe and still undecisive on what to do? Throw in this fabulous session of getting everyone hyped up and leave it to LOL Photobooth to work the magic!

Standard package starts from RM1,288 depending on the number of guests you have for your event.
Here's a chance for you to save more!
Keen in getting the LOL Photobooth Services?
You can walk away with these RM200 vouchers from LOL Photobooth specially for the YSK readers!

5 lucky readers to get to use the RM200 vouchers!

What Do You Need To Do?
Simply leave a comment in the blog or go to our link in YourShoppingKaki Facebook Page and leave a shout out under the comment section of this image above.
Why should you grab a voucher from LOL Photobooth? Because you never know at any time your bosses may ask you to organise an event, or your brother may be planning for his wedding anytime soon and this could be the best gift that you can present to them. And of course, you can loop the LOL team in if you do plan to have a lavish birthday party! ;)

Besides the generous RM200 vouchers, there is also some giveaway going on in the LOL Team here
Get youself a Canon Selphy CP900 absolutely free by being the lucky person to be selected to win this awesome printer that prints picture perfect photographs! This you got to hurry up as contest ending on 28th February 2014.

Click here to win the Canon Selphy Printer : LOL Photobooth Giveaway

I am pretty glad to see that all of the guest (despite me not knowing them well) actually went home with great laughter looking at their own photographs. I have just made 159 people happier during my wedding! =P
Can't help but to share out the album here : Cynthia's Photobooth Album by LOL Photobooth

And here's my favourite picture of the night with my ShoppingKakis!~

Check out the awesome LOL Photobooth great work over here :

Website    |     Facebook

Credits to the fabulous sponsors :
Unicorn clutch by House of Muse
Wedding dress ordered via Lush Doodles
Card design by TinyPinc
Doodle character on card by BlackMilk Studio

Happy Shopping!!
By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


Mechell said...

Looks awesome! Will keep LOL photo booth in mind when planning an event :P

Mechell said...

Looks awesome! Will keep LOL photo booth in mind when planning an event :P

Your Shopping Kaki said...

go grab a voucher!!!! :D

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