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Monday, October 1, 2012

Behind The Scenes: Mattel Monday, anyone?

By Wei Ni (Guest Blogger)

Ever wondered what the YSK team does for fun, besides shopping and eating? :D

Well, as our long-time readers may already know, the YSK blogger team consists of Sha-Lene (Your Shopping Kaki herself, le founder and le editor while she's busy doing her Honours thesis this year), Cynthia (YSK's blog manager and business consultant, currently administrator of YSK as well), Mechell (product reviewer and very first admin of Pasar Night, but her day job is glamming it up as Hannah Tan's PA, woot woot), Michelle (product reviewer and our go-to importer and manufacturer of beauty products and staple sponsor), and yours truly - Wei Ni (product reviewer, designer, blogger and online business owner). We're a group of friends who were brought together by a mutual love of online shopping, and now we hang out doing the shopping, eating, and having fun. :D

Michelle, Wei Ni, Mechell, and Mechell's boyfriend 
who decided to make a special appearance in a very pink showroom!

So for a Behind-The-Scenes review that'll help you get to know the team behind your friendly neighbourhood online shopping blog, we got together in Michelle's uber pink showroom to - surprise, surprise, chill and play board games! We have to admit, there was a part of us who missed playing boardgames as kids - but even though those childhood days are long gone, we couldn't resist trying out these new games brought to us by Mattel. :D 

Look at all the yummy new games Mattel wanted us to try and blog about! :)

 The very first game we played was UNO Attack

This basically works the same way as the regular UNO card games except that this one comes with a pretty interesting 'alien looking' machine. In the classic UNO games, when you’re out of cards you pick out your cards from a deck of cards until you find a suitable match. With this one, all you got to do is press the button & depending on your luck, either NO cards will shoot out or TOO MANY will, when that happens your turn is skipped & the game continues on to the next person. 

What’s truly evil about this game is that instead of the Draw 2 or Draw 4 cards you now have the Press 2 or Press 4 card! So when you’re the poor sod who has to press, you might end up with way more cards in your hands that expected! 

Mechell giggling excitedly about how many cards I'm gonna end up getting!

Now, what I think is strangely funny about this game is the fact that after the person has finished up all his/her cards, they have to take the cards of the remaining players & count points. Which I don’t think will gel well with most people, as when a person finishes their hand in the classic UNO game, the game just continues on until the poor last person standing. This definitely provides more time playing as a group.

Mechell is worried sick in case she gets a whole lot of cards from her turn =P

In this game, by some stroke of luck Mechell’s BF won! While the girls were busy chattering off away after losing, he got stuck with counting his points with all the cards we still had, and trust me… we had a LOT of cards left in hand. Hahaha!

The thorn among the roses who won the game!

The best part of the game I think is definitely the machine! Because as you’re pressing the button, you truly do not know whether you’re gonna get hit by no cards, a few cards or too many cards for your hands to hold! Not to mention, it’s just fun pressing the button & shooting out a bunch of cards at people. Evil, I know. ;)

If you’re looking to add some thrill to your UNO game playing, the UNO Attack might just be perfect for you! Or even if you’re just an avid UNO player & collector, UNO Attack will add a burst of fun for the whole family! Perhaps you’ve never even played UNO before, considering we are currently in the smart phone & computer era, this game will bring you & your friends or family together, playing great old school games with a modern twist! 
Cynthia is obviously not paying enough attention!

UNO attack: old school game with a modern twist!

There will be another post coming up with more fun games from Mattel! Definitely not something you’d wanna miss!

Coming up in the next BTS review: Mattel fun in convenient little cans!

If you are a fan of these games, keep tuning in to YSK as we will be doing a massive giveaways of these games very soon! As we always advocate to looking pretty and fashionable and all, we have got Supermodel's Secrets to throw in some beauty stuff for you to use while enjoying your game! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Wei Ni (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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