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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Behind The Scenes: Fun in a can!

By Mechell (Guest Blogger)

So as you read on our Mattel Monday BTS post, we had a girly get together at Michelle’s showroom over the weekend. I have to admit I was really curious when Cynthia walked in with a paper bag containing colorful cans. “Oh, so thoughtful of Cynthia to bring drinks!” I thought.
Upon closer inspection, I realized the colorful cans contained the latest games by Mattel. In case you didn’t know already, Mattel is the manufacturer which brought us Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price and, from what I’ve observed, most of the toys that are on the racks in shopping malls. :P

Will I get fat for overconsumption of these? >.<

Cynthia brought along 4 games that day – the UNO Attack (as reviewed HERE), Skip Bo Dice, Apples to Apples Dice Game and the Uno Dice Game. Except for the UNO Attack, the rest of the games we tried our hands on are handy and super convenient to lug around games-in-a-can =D My personal favorite is the Apples to Apples Dice Game, but more on that later!


The Skip Bo Dice Game basically works like this – each player is given 3 dice, and 1 card is laid out in the center. The card in the center will indicate something like “1, 2, 3”, which means you have to roll the die in your hands again and again until you get a combination of “1, 2, 3”. Once you get the combination correct, yell “Skip Bo!” The first one to “Skip Bo!” for a total of five times is the winner. My boyfriend was The Skipping Bo for that day; it must have been his lucky day ‘cause he won almost five games in a row -_-

Personally I think this game is more suited for younger kids because of its simplicity. Also, kids get excited easily so you can imagine them squeaky voices yelling “Skip Bo!” the whole time they’re playing. I also reckon that this game would make a good drinking game. Whoever does not get “Skip Bo!” has to drink! What do you think?


all numbers in a dice!

The Uno Dice Game, on the other hand, is a two player game. Each player is given 5 dice and 1 dice is laid out in the center. This one works like classic Uno, where you have to match either the colour or the number of your dice to the one in the center. Only difference is that, when you run out of matches, you have to take a dice from the center, and re-roll the dice you have on your hand. To be honest I’d still prefer the classic Uno cards so more people can play together, but I guess if you had a few sets of this game then it comes up to the same thing :-D 

The best part about this game is that all you have to carry with you are your partner and the 11 dice, and you are good to play! BTW if you think this is a really quick game, the game time isn’t really that short. Wei Ni and I were playing while waiting for Michelle and Cynthia to wrap up with their picture snapping (and you know how many pictures these two camwhore queens can take!) and we were still playing after they were done.


The judge - Wei Ni having a break

Then we all sat down for a game of Apples to Apples and this was my favorite! Haha. How it works is you appoint one person to be “The Judge” and this person will roll a funny-shaped dice with letters all over it. The others get a die each, with letters on it as well. The Judge comes up with an adjective word beginning with the letter on the die, and the others have to come up with a noun beginning with the letter on each of their dice.  The Judge then decides whose adjective-noun combination is the best and the one who gets chosen five times is the winner. Just FYI I won the game! :-P but that’s not why I like it though. Haha. I like this game ‘cause it was challenging. You may think it’s easy coming up with an appropriate noun but it was tough… especially because I tried to insert sexual innuendos in every noun. I think this was how I won the game though! The key to winning is to know what The Judge likes – so from here I can deduce that Wei Ni enjoys dirty jokes.

Juggling between playing these games and catching up on fashion and gossip with each other, three hours just flew by like that. While these 3 games aren’t graphically mind-blowing like Diablo III or engaging like The Sims, but if you are looking for a bit of old school fun with some friends, you may find some fun and laughter in these. 

Great news to all readers! 
Now that you have read our brief reviews on these 4 types of UNO games - UNO Attack , UNO Dice, Skip Bo and Apples to Apples and perhaps are wondering what are these actually, fret not. YourShoppingKaki would like to share some of these fun games to you readers out there, for you to have a feel of the game itself. We have not one, not two but many of these games sponsored by Mattel to be given out! =D

But that's not all! As we wanted to ensure that your game session is a fulfilling one, especially when you are with your girlfriends on a girls night in, Supermodel's Secrets will be throwing in some beauty goodies in this giveway too!

1 UNO Attack Set +  x1  LUS V Line Lift Up  - 3 sets
1 UNO games in cans (assortment) + Smurfs Lip Balm + face mask (assortment)  - 12 sets

Yes!! That many games available for giveaway! ;)

LUS V Line for a slimmer chin and neck from Supermodel's Secrets

variety of masks and those cute lil Smurfs Strawberry flavoured lip balm from Supermodel's Secrets

How To Join
  1. -Go to YourShoppingKaki Facebook page and share out the GIVEAWAY picture. Link Here : UNO GIVEAWAY 
  2. On the same picture that you are sharing, answer this question:  WHICH IS YOUR FAVOURITE UNO GAME? AND WHY?
Go to this link : UNO-YSK Giveaway

Happy Shopping!
Mechell Lee (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


#ciksuzlin said...

Would love to have those "UNO" memories back (^_______^)

Ladies leather jackets said...

Really nice I loved it.

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