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Monday, October 22, 2012

Announcement: Mattel-UNO and Supermodel's Secrets Giveaway

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

If you've been following us previously and participated in the Mattel and Supermodel's Secrets giveaway, you may want to start scrolling down and check out if your names is listed below. ;)

You have Mattel to thank for so generously sponsoring not 1, not 2, but a whole lotsa games to be shared out to YSK's readers. Not to forget, the all-time generous beauty blogshop in town, Supermodel's Secrets who is sponsoring all the beauty products that will come along with your games ;)

12 winners of the UNO dice game will each get a can of the games (to be given out randomly) courtesy of Mattel, and 1 piece of mask and a Smurfs' Lip Balm from Supermodel's Secrets.

Skip-Bo, UNO Dice and Apples to Apples 

Variety of masks from Supermodel's Secrets

Here are the winners in no particular order:
Quah Zelene: I love Uno Game Card because it's really our family bonding. Easy to play and my family and I could play it anywhere and even in small space smile Love it!when I first learned to play the cards,it was so fun!we played for a long time till we were real tired out then we went to sleep.then,we would continue our game the next day when we had free time.It was my best card game memories ! the box for the cards were so carefully designed which we could ring them out to play so easily 
Sherrie Pui: Apples to apples because the nouns that we can come out with during the game was really funny and fun to play with! grin Easy to bring around too
Hayley Maris: Favorite would have to be the original UNO cards. I rarely play cards and once ages ago my bunch of girlfriends introduced me to UNO cards and we had a great time playing it. That was the first and one & only time until now that I've ever played UNO. Now every time I see these cards or the words UNO it brings a smile to my face as it reminds me of the times when we were young. The new UNO Attack interests me as it is closest to the classic UNO cards and the new card spouting machine introduces much more excitement into the game
 Melissa Ho: My gave is UNO, and will always be UNO! heart I love it mainly cause of the various expressions my friends would make at each stressful moments when they're about to finish the game...only to be foiled again and again! XD <3>
Nicholas Ong: My favourite game would be UNO Cards. Wanna know why it's been my fave card game since my highschool days? It's the ultimate game for trolling! Such a satisfying experience when you cleverly use your cards and just watch your buddies pulling their hair out in utter frustration. Pure brilliance. Nuff said.
Jane Lee: My entire family loves UNO  cards because it's so easy to play and fun! We just need to carry the cards anywheree and just  play! No need to worry about carrying boards or small items and it can be played anywhere, anytime!
چهاي برجاي: My favourite UNO game is UNO cards as they're easy to play and have fun with my family and friends. In addition, it can enhance human relations. At the same time, having fun like laughing is the best medicine. It can makes everyone happy although in bad mood! 
Sandy Lim Yee Ching: I love Uno Game Card because all my family can play together. My  2, 6 & 7 years old son also like to play.
Catherine Tan: I love UNO Attack! Because it's a fast pace game of wits and skills. I now play this games with my family during our game nights once a week and everyone loves it! And also this game is more fun when you make your own rules~!
Irene Zi Xing: I love playing UNO card because it brings many fun and happy moments to my family. By playing it also, it imprves the family relationship to become more close and enjoyable, having fun with our lovely family.

Nicole Wong: I love UNO Cards game because this games allow multiple players which everyone in my family can join in the game, play and bonds us together as a family, and train us to think and plan our strategy to win!! Definitely a must have safe family-oriented game!
Erika Ooi: My favourite game is UNO Cards because it's suitable for all ages that I started to play since primary school until now! It's portable to bring along to classes or graduation trip, everyone would be entertained with this simple little game.


Here are the winning entry who will be spending weekends at home after this having wild fun sending out UNO cards to other players by a press of a button! 

Nurashikin Adnan

Catherine Tan Cin Bee

Thank you so much for the awesome particpation! We're looking forward to having more giveaways in time to come. Please e-mail us your postal address to yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com so that your games and beauty products can be delivered to you accordingly! :)

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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