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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Burst of Rainbow Colored Mouth Bubbling Frills!

Event Review: Meesha Sukira Batik
By Guest Blogger: Cynthia Lee

I have been missing the fun of blogging lately because I found 'fun' somewhere else - my day job =)
So much colors to go through, so many designs to choose from!

The promotions have started, the sales have peaked, but I haven't got the time to share with you fashionistas on some gorgeous stuff available out there in the malls ;)

Introducing Meesha Sukira! The brand where your clothes are hand drawn to perfection. Yes, you read it right. 'Hand drawn' In craft term, we call this as the batik apparels :) At the mention of batik, I am pretty sure many are ready to scroll to see the many faces of baju kurung in pretty florals :) Here you go!

And yes, the above are depictions of batik fom Meesha Sukira. And so you may ask "Where are the baju kurungs and the floral patterns?" For this season, expect lots of short dresses in colorful abstract prints, quirky caftans of different length in loud prints. In limited pieces! Don't you love to hear that? Knowing that your piece of item is labeled 'exclusive' because only so many of the fashionistas can have a hold on it. 

Where to get it?
Currently on a short promotional stint in Isetan Level 2, Gardens, Mid Valley
From 27th May 2011 till 10th June 2011. Yeah, sorry for not informing earlier ;(

And after the end of promotion, I guess you will need to contact me personally to get a glimpse of it till we make the next cameo =)

So hurry up and tag along your boyfriends and hubbies and make sure they find no reason not to get you a dress. I leave the convincing and persuasion skills to you :)

Meesha Sukira batik currenly in Isetan to tease you!

More pretty pictures to tempt you! And if you think only models can don these outfits, you are wrong! Designed for all of you out there who appreciates the finer things in life. 

Wei Ni, owner of Peep in a frilly batik dress! 

Funky hand drawn boots to flaunt!

Abstract tube dress   |  Asymetrical sheer caftan top to dress anyhow you can think of :)

Michelle of Supermodels Secret wrapped in batik shawl | Tassled shawl for a casual day out | My batik work wear! ;)

I hope by now, some of you are googling what is batik and planning to make a trip to Gardens, Mid Valley and have a real glimpse of the real stuff! See you there! 

Say hi if you spot me prowling! =D

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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