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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Milking Session

The Guest Bloggers:
Milking and Spooning Session 
in WonderMilk and Fatspoon
By Guest Blogger: Cynthia Lee

I always believe that people meet for a reason. Be it to make a difference in your life, to add spices to your dull life, and sometimes to make you miserable.

Whatever is the intended purpose, along the way you are bound to find people of the likes who share the same passion with you. Be it in food, boys ogling =P or fashion!!!

And somehow some of us crosses path. While we shop online ;) 

Some of us were ardent online shopaholics. Some of us were enterprising blogshop owners. And most of us were merely impulse purchasers of all things pretty available in the online blogosphere ;)

And yes, we do come in different shapes and sizes. Each one wiht their own distinctive taste and preferences in all aspects of life. Meet US!!! The guest blogger for the YourShoppingKaki enterprise! There were a few more bloggers actually, but due to fickle minds and impromptu 'Hey- let's-do-lunch- now!' there were only 4 of us who made it to adjourn in FatSpoon and Wondermilk in the same day! This sounded so wrong, but yes, we had our milking and spooning session =P With the absence of Boss YSK who is apparently scratching head trying to complete assignments ;(

 Wei Ni, the lanky lass standing tall at 170cm *envy*
Michelle, the petite supermodel who brings you all the stuff a woman need
Mechell, the romantic (haha I don't know why I labeled her as such!)
Yours truly in slippers, ;( (nobody told me to dress up nicely!)

 Wei Ni trying on the bangs for a coming review

Mechell no-eye-see when I try to pitch the idea of a weekend-what-we-wear post ;(

Michelle trying to convince me in putting up the seamless bangs, or toupee as she calls it ;)

From today onwards, we'll try to have a weekly fashion update on what we are wearing over the weekend! The au-naturale style ;) And I can imagine Sha-Lene in her pajamas and Wei Ni in her loose fit singlets painting toe-nails at home =D  Yes, not the LookBook style!

The whole purpose of this weekly fashion post is for you guys to get to know each of the Guest Bloggers on YSK better, so that you guys can better reach out to us. Without a face, we understand that it is hard to approach us and hopefully by putting ourselves out there we hope to reach out to you all better. :) 

Unfortunately this weekend we managed to rope in only four of us without the presence of the BOSS, which we replaced with this:

Wish you were here Sha-Lene!! ;)

The next time you see any of us, please drop by and say hi! =D 

We would love to know that there are so many of you out there who enjoy patronising YSK on daily basis :) 

Till then, keep coming for more reviews!!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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