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Friday, June 17, 2011

Product Review: Diva Essential - Those Bangs To Keep in the Bag

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Hello hello fashionistas and divas of the online shopping community! I have a very brief review of another item to share with all you pretties ;) Seamless Bangs from Supermodel's Secrets!

Are you tired of your lifeless fringe?
Not enough volume or simply having a naturally thin hairline?

Personally, I am a fringe person. Seriously, I do not have much choice but to embrace into the 'fringe-ism'- an act of forever covering your forehead with a massive stash of follicles in order to create a smaller facial frame =D =D

My 'collection' of fringe which I term 'fring-ism' ;)

I cannot be angling my face forever to reduce the size of the face. And this only works when camwhoring. It doesn't work in real life zooming.

All it takes for good camwhore is some good angling after 12,678 times of snapping pictures

This is what happens when angles gone wrong! 
And camwhorer has a sparse and uneven fringe O.o

So yeah, there you go. This piece of hairy stash of follicles that comes to your aid when you need a breather form the uncontrollable or unavailable fringe.

do not underestimate this stash of hay here ;)

Michelle trying her best to tempt me into trying the bangs, 
which I fell asleep here while listening I think =D

Please do bear in mind, wearing any fake accesories, in this case you can say wig or extension is not something humiliating or an act to cover up your weaknesses or flaws ;) It is simply a courageous act to add more life to our sense of personal styling :)

 And here, Wei Ni is pretty bold in her Publis Display of Accessorising
while we had our food in Wondermilk ;)

It's pretty easy to play with. If you have tried on any clip-on hair extension, it works the same. Only that this one is clipped onto your crown of head.

-First place and adjust the right postion with the crown of the bangs going on top of the crown of your own hair
-Secure it by clipping the clips attached. By now you would have an instant volume of bang.
-Flip, tussle, flip, tussle and voila! You can't even detect the fake from your real hair and instant volume is created.

The color of the kanekolan material matches my hair color perfectly! I uses Light Brown Seamless Bangs here.

Let me show you how effortlessly natural it is again with more camwhore scene ;)

camwhored at home under flourescent lighting

And I followed Wei Ni with her bold Public Display of Accessorising too!
Under natural daylight.

And this nerdish-me look is created with the fun seamless bangs 
brought to you by Supermodel's Secret - the girls' platform to fun vanity!

Retailing at RM39 per piece, it's way better than having to go to the saloon once every 2 days to maintain your unruly bangs or re-design yoour bangs' style ;)

Get yours HERE and do share with us some looks that you have created! I would be keen to have a look and learn more ways to accesorise this piece of fabulous camwhore gadget ;)

Till then, keep pretty and hot always!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


Anonymous said...

You look amazing! :)

prelovedlinalah said...

hihi. very cute-lah you . i also hve the same bang like those ;)

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