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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Event Review: MagicColour Lens Blogger's Review Session @ Mid Valley

By Michelle C. (Guest Blogger)

Heya beautiful people!=D

By now, you've prolly heard of Geo Lens a.k.a Circle lens that has been a huge hit in Japan and Korea for its ability to make one's eyes anime-like due to its larger diameter and vibrant colors. I've always wanted eyes that pop (uhh, not pop out of the socket, but bigger, brighter eyes with a gaze that mesmerizes =D) but never dared to try these lens back then as I used to be a tad doubtful on its safety and its origins. However, after having the opportunity to try 'em out, I'm a fan now! Thanks to MagicColour contact lens - a brand new Korean circle lens brand that has just hit our shores last month and YSK is honoured to be invited to be part of their launch a.k.a Blogger's review event which was held in Delectable, Mid Valley.

A fun-filled event with food, free makeover sessions and goodiebag for all the bloggers. I'll let the photos speak for itself ;) :

MagicColour Lens custom made cupcakes and chocolate lollipops. Cute stuff!

We're greeted with goodiebags containing a bag organizer, 3 pairs of lens ,
chic&sleek canvas bag & 1 set of the lens casing

Bloggers mingling with delectable finger food before the makeover session.

Make up session ... and now.. our crowning glory gets glorified =D

Next up is the photoshoot, all of us got the opportunity for a shot with MagicColour Lens after the makeover and hair do, and here are snapshots of the photos of the bloggers and yours truly donning MagicColour lens.

Fatin wearing DiamondGreen | Hazel in Dazzle Violet

Isabel in BlushyGreen | Michelle in BlushyBrown

Syazwani in BlushyBlue | Stella in MoonlightPink

Traclyn in Stilette Pink | Tammy in Blushy Gray

Group shot after the event =)

We're all ecstatic as we all can now look like Tsubasa Masuwaka (anytime!),
the gyaru top model in Japan. Yikes, sorry, I digressed.

My personal review on MagicColour Lens:

Lens quality/design/size:
Top quality lenses that is made in Korea using the latest diamond cutting technology, with 16.00mm diameter, normal lenses are 14.00mm in diameter. While 2.00mm may seem miniscule with the naked eye, it makes a HUGE difference when worn on the eyes. Below is a personal pic. Right eye (no MagicColour Lens), Left eye (Wearing MagicColour lens). Huge diffference eh?

BEFORE (Left) AFTER (Right - with MagicColour lens)

Variety/colours: They've got 11 collections altogether, my favourite is Blushy collection as it has 3 color tones and blends beautifully into dreamy like anime eyes. This one will suit casual outings and everyday wear, and they have got collections with pretty patterns too like the Ballerina range, which looks fun to try out on special occasions.

Comfort: Wearing this for up to 4 hours is fine, after the 4th hour it gets a bit dry, hence i recommend using eyedrops. I have got very sensitive eyes, so maybe for me my eyes feels dry faster than alot of people.it has 55% water content so it is still fairly moisturised. Use a moirturising solution prior to wearing to help extend the moisture odf the lens while wearing it.

Packaging: Blister packaging encased in another lovely box by MagicColour, very hygienic.

Other comments: This lens looks great not only in real life but stands out all the more in photos. It makes even the smallest of eyes stand out.

MagicColour Lens is available for purchase here:

YSK promo:

Happy Shopping!
Michelle C a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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