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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Guest Bloggers: What We Wore This Sunny Weekend

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

The weekend came and went off so fast that it seems like I have yet to have anything done before the new week approaches :(

After our first few attempts at camwhoring for the weekend post, I think each of us are getting the hang of it ;) But I do wonder, what if eventually we are out of clothes to wear and so far I have yet to see anyone of us here pictured in pajamas (I am hoping to spot at least one who doesn't bother to dress up during weekend) But I guess it won't happen as we are all too conscious of how we look. (Oh, well, guess I've got to do the awkward job one day.. in pajamas)

Michelle opted for grey colored lace jumpsuit to match the room ambience on a hot afternoon taking care of her baby niece ;) Baby sitting also need to be so prim and proper with make up some more! O.o

Lacey jumpsuit - Bazaar in Penang

Freeloader Wei Ni looking younger in her casual outfit! Or could it be due to her constant usage of the Egyptian Magic Cream? You got me to thank babe! =P

Supre oversized top
Union Jack shorts from her own boutique - Peep
Oversized bag from Mooie (OMG, love it!)

On this sunny day where all families plan for a Father's Day dinner, Anna too did not miss out a family outing and was practically draped in all things bought online!! Doing better with the pose girl! =D

Thrifted top from Trades
Hiigh waisted skirt from Agape Boutique
Bag from Junkie Motto
Shoes from bazaars in town

Mechell never fails to leave home for all sorts of outing every weekend. From baking in cousin's place, to paintball, to walking the dog, to loitering in weird places, she is everywhere! Yes, and this week, she is off to a friend's birthday bash and later to a paint ball session! See what I said?!

Tube top and bag from bazaar
Shorts (were there any shorts?) from ELLE
Bottle from Esprit

At a glance this amoi featured here looked like she is attending a 70s retro party and is attempting to sneak out from the back door when the parents are asleep =P If you are not familiar with her, this is Nathalie, one of our guest bloggers that hail from Penang. And in her 70s ensemble with white loop earrings and Coach bag, she is heading to the mamak for a drink session -__-

Top from Cotton On
Mini Skirt from MNG

Can you spot which is Sha-Lene at the below picture? =D I am sure you readers too are in awe how does this petite woman with short hair (that's the mum) manage to raise the girl next to her to such remarkable size! =P Sha-Lene celebrated her mum's birthday in Shogun today, immediately after her last exam paper in uni.

Both mother and daughters seem to have a penchant for all things florals!! ;)
Maxi dress from some random boutique~

The workaholic me, is obviously making a habit to camwhore before heading to work on a weekend. This is also a major cause of me being late to work for half an hour daily O.o
Am going to be promoting our batik in an event hence am donned in the brand's own collection. Yes, we do get to pick some of the items to wear as un-uniformed attire once in a blue moon ;)
By the way, if you do notice, the Body Shop spree bag I have on the floor have been permanently there and there are some stash of clothes unfolded in front which blocks the view. Yeah, I RARELY tidy my room =P

Hand drawn batik cotton top from Meesha Sukira Batik.
Pants from South China Sea, and their cutting is big!! Also check out SCS sales in Isetan of where ever you spot one, because it is really cheap!

And because the post this week is written by me and being a camwhorer, I can't stop at just a Saturday picture and no Sunday pictures!

Yes, I went to work again apparently. It was in a carnival in Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club organised by a client, Sime Darby Property. OK, too much info...

Hand drawn batik cotton mandarin top from Meesha Sukira Batik
Skirt from Cotton On

And this is how I spent my weekend while dreaming if I can afford a pony one day and start driving riding one

Happy Monday! Work hard! Study hard for the week ahead!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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