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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Guest Blogger: Buzy in BuzzAr

Note from YourShoppingKaki (14/6/2010):
There was an error made in the following review, this was NOT a Bijou Bazaar as reported by our Guest Blogger. LOL! Our deepest apologies to both Bijou and the bazaar organisers who organised the bazaar below for the mix-up. It will not happen again!
What I've found out: This bazaar reviewed below was called "BuZZ_ar" and was held in a place called Jeumpa D'ramo.

A Bazaar Review
By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Man : Helo, I pernah jumpa you.
Moi : Hi, ya kah? Tak pernah lah.
Man: Betul, pernah!
Moi: Ish..Jumpa mana?
Man: Jeumpa D'ramo =)
It's a BuzzAr. Like any other bazaar, but it's called BuzzAr. And BuzzAr is pioneering at Jeumpa D'ramo   But whatever it is called, it's a bazaar and Bangsar is such a strategic place to have bazaars. People from Brickfields, TTDI, PJ, Kepong, Mid Valley-Seputeh, Old Klang Road can all come.

BuzzAr @ Jeumpa D'ramo
I bought a hand drawn shopping bag! =D

There's a name for this bungalow-turned-inn / hotel, but I forgot to take note

This is most probably an extremely late post, but it's the experience that counts right? ;)

To start with - there weren't that many stalls, which is good and bad. Good as you can take extra time in browsing each stalls, flipping each accesorries, irritating every vendors with your questions while making them guess if you are a potential buyer or not, and still may not exceed your expected time spent on a bazaar =D Bad if you have a long list of items that you intend to get from the bazaar from the lace leggings to the floral top, and some oxford boots, 5 earrings, 8 bangles, 3 bags, 2 bodycon dresses, 2 beanies and the size of the entire bazaar may not fit your expectation. Nevertheless, it wasn't that bad despite the humble size. You can practically get almost everything!

Leisurely activities like crafting too were available. And what else can be more therapeutic than doing a lil' bit of drawing and coloring! =) This particular gazebo here provides hand drawn items on anything that can be drawn on- glasses, mugs, jewellery boxes and all trinkets that you can think of. Oh, they also do body painting for RM5 though I don't think the rates applies to those who want to paint their ENTIRE body to look like a leopard to go with the current craze on leopard prints ;)

Despite the smaller scale of the bazaar, it's quite a reasonable one as you can get a vast selection of items, and not just fashion wear.

Panties of different sizes, colors and patterns to fit your style and character =P

Batik-inspired prints on shopping bags! Go green fashionably ;)

Paintings for the artsy-fartsy people

Jewellery display and storage up for sales

More jewellery boxes for sale!

Have you ever heard of bazaars with no one selling accessories? Quite impossible right?

Accessories a-plenty and mosty homemade and handmade
Quirky single piece design watches handmade by independent designer MeLoveVigilant

The Brollies with their frollies of quirky accessories and fanciful display!

Quirky tees for a sunny casual day from MyFavouritees

The essential sign that one normally look for- SALE!!!
Spotted MissRedCube on clearance ;)

Despite a smaller scale set-up, I managed to get something for myself and a friend! =D Never underestimate what lies beneath those piles of seemingly uninteresting stuffs (sometimes). A little patience helps. Overall it's a great bazaar to go to on a lazy Sunday. You can grab some cupcakes and drinks being sold here, while strolling for more stuffs on sales. Then proceed to stock up on panties to replace your worn out ones. Get a few metres of fabrics to make pillowcases, buy some home-made kaya for mom, get a piece of dress for the coming dinner, haggle for a vintage bag and perhaps make friends with vendors.

Can you spot the bananas and kaya on sale? ;)

Should you be keen to be part of vendors for their future bazaars or simply wanted to spend some money shopping in a bazaar in Bangsar, do bookmark them at

For more exciting bazaars,
check out the bazaar listings on the top part of YSK!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


emmet garage sales said...

eh....why on bijou bazaar says that the event actually on MAP Solaris Dutamas...y they did in Bangsar?

MAP KL is not in Bangsar ...its actually at Solaris Dutamas.

Strange...we were there at Dutamas Solaris in participating Bijou itself

Sha-Lene said...

Hi Emmet Garage Sales! :)
Cynthia did this review for the previous Bijou bazaar, hehe, not the latest MAP one :P

bijoubazaar said...

ayoyo! Sha-lene ... please laa don't sabo us! hahahaha ... their banner didn't even read Bijou Bazaar ... how laa you claim it's Bijou Bazaar? ;o)

Our last installments was in January 2010 ... it was in SkyPark Terminal Subang ... MAS Touchdown ... remember?


Maryam @ Bijou Bazaar

Sha-Lene said...

Oh my gosh! LOL! I'm so sorry, our guest blogger Cynthia said this was a Bijou Bazaar! o.O

I'll ask her to correct this asap! I am SO SORRY! :( Hahaha >.<

bijoubazaar said...

Ayoyo! Sha-lene ... please laa don't sabo us! hahahaha ... their banner didn't even read Bijou Bazaar ... how laa you claim it's Bijou Bazaar? ;o)

Our last installments was in January 2010 ... it was in SkyPark Terminal Subang ... MAS Touchdown ... remember?

Would appreciate if you could correct the reporting. :o)


Maryam @ Bijou Bazaar

Sha-Lene said...

Posted a note in the meantime while waiting for Cynthia >.< Sorry sorry sorry!

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