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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Urbanscapes 2010!

Once a year, every year - and this year, it was today! :D

Ticket booth! We didn't buy tickets, so we'll only be featuring the shopping parts today! :P
Music, performances, film, photography areas = tickets required. Very worth it if you're interested in the arts scene!
Shopping + food = free entrance.

Contrary to popular fears, plenty of parking space available! :)
However, a bit of a walk in the hot sun if you get there in the early afternoon :(

Lesson #1: Wear comfortable shoes. Very comfortable shoes!
Lesson #2: Bring an umbrella, cap/hat and/or sunglasses.
Lesson #3: For the love of all things fluffy, cover every inch of yourself with SUNBLOCK!

Lesson #4: Brings lots of (cold) water! Preferably in one of those self-contained cooler things!
There are plenty of drinks sold at the event, of course, but it's a lot more convenient - and cheaper - if you have your own supply :P

Plenty of crowd! :)

My uni kawan and fellow Malaysian Mirror blogger-columnist, JessicaT! :D
Surrounded by gorgeous shoes from The Kooky Thing! :)

The Aura - an assortment of trinkets and charms to spoil yourself with! :D
I love that you can now pick a pendant and turn it into a ring! :)

Shoes from You, Me & Shoes! I'm bonkers for shoes nowadays.
Bazaars are a great place to shop for shoes you love online! :)

More floral prints and floral leggings - and other types of leggings - than you can imagine!

Wah don't you love the way these two mannequins are styled? ;)

Soak Republic's booth is always so crowded! :D Love their accessories!

These two booths, also very crowded! :) But their names were too cool not to take pic!

No Plain Days! :D Such friendly girls!
First time meeting them at a bazaar - the maxi dress drew me to their booth :P

See those bags on the right part of this photo? :D Head over to Club Mod if you're intrigued!

I love snack food, but I may very well love these Archie Grand notebooks even more!

Tongue in Chic's own booth with uber friendly TiC-ers! | A booth to register to be a voter! :)
Yes, happy people! :D If you're over 21 and you haven't registered yet, do it at your
nearest post office a.s.a.p! It takes 3-6 months for your registration to be solidified.

Left pic: Wah why so cute one! I'm so intrigued by Plasterdoll!
Right pic: Lovely high-waisted shorts from Stylesofia - plus a very classy chain bag!
Thanks to them for sponsoring the first 100 or so shoppers with those orange eco-friendly bags!

The dreamiest accessories at Mimpi Murni! :) I can't stay away from those rings!

Left pic: I love the people at Quirky Brown Cow! They were handing out free candy :P
Right pic: The Old Blossom Box Store - very unique and gorgeous clothes!

An entire rack of pink, quirky clothes from Old Blossom | Shoes from The Shoplifters

The Brollies - one of those bazaar favourites! :D

A few more photos from a variety of shops:

What makes Urbanscapes, Urbanscapes?

Is it the oozing creativity, from signs to decor to general artsy vibe ...

Is it the lush green, panoramic lakeside view that makes you feel all outdoorsy and Na'vi-esque ....

Is it the portable jambans ...

Or is it the friends you drag along with you for an awesome, once-a-year event? :D

For a little extra - and if you're curious! - this is a video of my friends and me at Urbanscapes! :D
And a great way to get a feel of what it was like there today! :)

Were you at Urbanscapes? How was it for you? :D
Leave a comment below to share your experience! :)

And if you're now hungry for a bazaar and wanna be at the next "it" event -
stay tuned for our run-down on the upcoming charity bazaar that's making waves,
MOFEW! Or click HERE if you can't wait til I blog about it :P

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


May said...

Hey Sha-Lene, too bad I didn't catch you there! The padang was muddy, so hard to shop la :(

And omg.. the toilet in KLPAC........ I went in at the end of the day (close to midnight). Speechless!

But nice write up, as always :)

Jessie said...

<3 <3
mwah! had fun witcha babe, altho only fo a short while :D

The Vintage Affair said...

hey sha-lene, i saw me in one of your pics! well, the back-part of me actually :D :D
it's the 7th pic, haha :D

Fashion Lady said...

Hey Sha Lene, I saw you like a few times but I was so malu to say hi! ;P haha.. Urbanscapes was awesomeeee!!! =)

Imagine I spent less than RM100 for 5 clothes =) All plus size.. it's simply amazing! =D The people are friendly but the weather was SUPER hot!!!

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