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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Event Review: Geography Lesson Over There Please

An Out-Of-This-World Event Review
By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Weeks ago I attended the press conference on an issue which is obviously non-fashion-related, but Your Shopping Kaki was invited - so I went there as representative of this website (Sha-Lene had class =P). Anyway, the event featured a fashionably popular astronaut, which I am sure most of you can immediately guess it right ;) How many people in Malaysia could have flown into the space and us not knowing it right?

Probably most of us fashion savvy fashionista may have no clue about things in the galaxy or aerospace apart from finding love from our astrological signs =D

I would say that the visibility of the science of aerospace in our country was made apparent only when Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor graced the covers of media for being the first Malaysian to have smelled outer space ;)

The press conference was to let the media in on the upcoming Association of Space Explorers 23rd Planetary Congress - to be held in Malaysia in October 2010 and some briefs on the upcoming activities in conjunction of the congress.

I was particularly impressed with the objectives behind the organising of the Planetary Congress. According to the organiser, there will be a string of events and activities to promote and ignite the interest of science among students especially. It is not just to inspire more students to become astronauts (which we know may be possible, but we simply do not need that many people flying to the moon for no particular reason), but to spark their interest into a various segment of science study. And having the group of astronauts to work on these serves as a platform of inspiration for the younger generation to want to be like someone. They don't necessary need to aspire to become an astronauts. They can become scientists, astrologers, engineers and researchers in science fields.

Tan Sri Francis Yeoh and Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar along with other guest members

The group of astronauts comprising committee members of the
Association of Space Explorers (ASE)

brought in all the way from Russia to give a glimpse of the coming congress.

Some slide presentation on what is the ASE and the congress all about

And this is where the press conference is held. Nope, it's not a museum or sort =D It's the National Geographic flagship store located in Lot 10, Bukit Bintang. I particularly did not know of it's presence mainly because I do not shop/visit malls unless work requires me to (please do not follow my foot steps as it is not helping to boost the country's economy).

Who would have thought that National Geographic too can churn out merchandise right? ;)
If you are a fan of eco-friendly environment and earthy elements, then this is your place. With all things in soothing earth tones, and displayed in a relaxed manner, you may want to spend some very long time flipping and gazing at each items. It's like being in a studio owned by Indiana Jones ;) With revolving globes, backpacks, books and even fossil sets for sales, each items are strategically displayed all over without looking too pushy to get itself flocked off ;) You know, some places have big signboard screaming for SALE!, hoarding your attention and tainting the background with yellow-coloured big labels begging you to buy.

The spacious retail concept

I happened to read an article in The Star recently highlighting about the store. And it is said that it's built based on very eco-friendly materials. Which explains why renovation is kept minimal and most interior display are wood base. And it also relies on natural light sources! There is also a small section of eateries that one can succumb to and save the hassle of searching for food after a long browse in the store. They have pretty good stuff (based on what I seen on the menu board and what I have tasted at time of the conference) - simple meal but equally filling.

The spacious area to linger about freely.
Can you see how bright is it with minimal electrical lighting?
Talk about energy saving!

If you are a fan of travellers' item like khaki pants, basic cropped top, backpacking gears and travelling books, this would be the perfect place to visit and gear yourself up. I like the educational part of the store. While everything may be on sales, everything is equally educational too :D Well, almost everything. While you may not be able to learn anything from a cropped top on sales, there is a globe sitting next to it that you can stare and spot which part of the world are you in. While getting hooked on the plush toys on sales, you can also grab a set of the Human Anatomy figurine as a gift to your little brother and hope he will be able to recognise the medula oblongatas, the femurs and tibulas =D

Doesn't this make you feel like you were visiting Indiana Jones' abode?

Keep your lil' brother busy with a set of Stegosaurus Fossil set =D

Arrays of postcard selection with almost real pictures ;)

3D!! Can you spot the pancreas? ;)

The many interesting books available in store

What's a National geographic store if they do not sell the National Geographic magazine? ;)

Of course not all items here are meant for your gutsy adventurous lil' brother or boyfriends only. The girls too can scout around for some basic tops perfect to be used for a casual day out or if you intend to backpack in style, you can get some basic tops, paired with a funky belt, with multi pocket khaki pants and finish up with a backpack =D

The fashionable stuff!

Make a statement with the National Geographic statement belt ;)

Nope. Dato Michelle Yeoh wasn't present during the press conference =D
Picture taken elsewhere to simply let you know who else visit the National Geographic store.
And don't you love her tunic top!? ;) Animal-loving!

The next time you watch a series of the National Geographic on TV and felt inspired, you know where you can go to gear yourself up - Level 3, Lot 10 Bukit Bintang ;)

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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