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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bazaar: Fun Day out at #ChurpOut2013

By Wei Ni (Guest Blogger)

On a fine, not particularly sunny Saturday morning, I packed up all my stuff & brought it to ChurpOut2013 at Setia City Park, Setia Alam in Shah Alam! Phew! A tad further than I would normally go for bazaars, but as I have never been there before & it looked pretty well organised I decided to give it a go! :) 

Beanbags all around for everyone to flop on! 
That's a reverse bungee in the back, and they were giving it out for FREE! Happy to say I managed to give it a go, despite being one of the last few of the day! :) 

I arrived there bright and early in the morning, finally finished setting up just before 11am and managed to relax a little before the crowd arrived. 

Check out my first Instavideo I made in the morning before it got busy! :) 
Totally kicked off my shoes & put them out to sun as they were soggy from the morning. Went barefoot most of the day! 
I'm on Instagram, so follow me @peepboutique if you haven't already! 

 My humble little booth space. :) All those lucky ones who came managed to grab their favourite pieces at prices as low as RM10! :) 

They not only had online fashion retailers setting up stalls, there were also stalls set up by your favourite fashion bloggers! Fashionistas such as Audrey from FourFeetNine, Cheeserland, BoboStephanie & many others were there to sell you all their pre-loved/practically-brand-new clothes!

Turned out to be a pretty beautiful Saturday morning! :) 

Some of the food stalls that were there included Tedboy Bakery (tasty, wholesome buns!), Homemade Beverage (much needed ice-cold sweet somethin'!), Niko Niko (yum yum onigiri!) & KyoChon (super tasty Korean fried chicken!). 

There were also appearances by famous local Youtubers. Two of which are seen here with my sister Lulu! :) 
Reuben Kang of JinnyboyTV. | Dan Khoo from DanKhoo Productions.

Giant bubbles everywhere for everyone to play with! 

There were an assortments of games, free kite flying, free giant bubbles playing & all sorts of fun free stuff! It really was a great outdoors, relaxed Saturday event! Fun, food, shopping & adrenaline! What more could you ask for! :) 

They were even giving out free comic drawings of you to be made into square little figurines! :) 

For all you adrenaline junkies, they were giving out free reverse bungee rides! Later in the afternoon, when the rain had stopped, ChurpOut actually got quite a few of their Alphas there to embrace the Reverse Bungee! Some notable names were, Linora Low (who was the last to go & the most terrified! Who also happened to be the wonderful host that day!), Chelsia Ng (this lightweight kicked off her hand-drawn Star Wars sneakers & did a somersault!), Jeremy Teo, Dennis Yin, Redmummy, Aida Sue, Reuben Kang & Dan Khoo (the last 2 we have videos of! Check it out below!) 

Here we have of Reuben who insisted on keeping his hat on & holding on to his phone! 

Dan Khoo just being a total Khool Khat about it. ;) 

It was most definitely a fun-filled activity though! Would have been much better had there not been rain, but oh well... Guess they'll have to bring in more 'bomohs' next time to ward off the rain. ;)

Managed to snag a few bags of FREE fried chicken from KyoChon as they were giving them out towards the end of the day! Whooopppeeee! More freebies! :)

For those who registered for the goodie bag, there were a couple of snacks from Mamee & Mister Potato as well as discount vouchers from the likes of McDonalds, The Strip, StreetFashionKL.com & a couple of others. :)

And finally at 8pm, we closed up shop and called it a day! :)
Goodnight & goodbye Peeps! :) 

We look forward to seeing you at the next ChurpOut! :) 

Till next time,
Wei Ni out! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Wei Ni (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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