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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bride on Budget

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Hello! It's been a while since I had the time to really sit down and write proper articles and reviews ;) Been busy with work and slightly busy with wedding arrangements - not something that I like spending time on!

But lucky thing for us online shopping kakis! Being an avid shopping kaki online does have it's benefits when one is bargain hunting, especially for occasions as such - weddings!

I have been asked why am I not looking into custom-made designers's gown and super pricey dinner shoes and all. Well, because I am not vying for a Miss Universe title and I don't think I want to keep a RM3,500 piece of gown that screams 'I AM A BRIDE' in the closet and not be able to wear anymore in future ;) Of course there are those that rent gowns, but that would also mean that I need to go around scouting, and I am just not that hardworking going around ;)

Joanna of Marilyn May Couture in her 'rented' gown, with the rest of us shopping kakis!

There's really a huge variety in the net, if you Google hard enough. From the 'atas' ones to the affordable ones, you can literally glam yourself up based on your budget. I am planning to get my wedding dress off the net too! Here's some of my findings!

Gorgeous gowns from THE SUT above RM800

If you are on a budget, check out Soyamo from time to time for their offers!
Get married in this gorgeous tiered gown for only RM250!

There's also some basic accessories that you can gte in Soyamo to glam up your bridal look for below RM100. No joke! Now, that's what we call looking like a million bucks without spending a million bucks =D

Accessories available in Soyamo

Alternatively, if you seriously think you are better off doing your DIY accessories, then go ahead and be creative! I did some accesories for my photoshoot too - yes, I am a budget bride! 

bought lots of crepe flowers and ribbons

and made a flower crown =P

Used some of the crepe flower for head accessories too during the photo shoot!

my flower crown!

Spending another RM100 on a bouquet of fresh flowers just for photoshoot is just not something that I agree on. After all, with RM100, I could easily buy 2 dresses! So the fiancée went to the those old shops alongside the wet market and bought the flower sponge that comes with handle and 40 buds of roses and did this! For RM45 only and I can re-use it later =P

the plastic flowers for RM45 =P

And because buying or renting gown is so mainstream, I bought a cheap one online and DIY-ed the details!

Tiny flowers as details on the chiffon tiered skirt.

Some essentials - 
3D silicon stick-on bra and lace padded stick-on bra from Supermodels Secrets
And yes, you need some colored contact lenses too!
Herve Leger inspired dress from The Clothing 101

One of the item that I did not manage to buy on time before my photoshoot was heels! Again, simply because I was lazy and procrastinated till the last day and end up with no shoes. Then I forgot, that I used to buy lots of shoes online! Managed to find one in my shoes cabinet to match my casual wear for the shoot and saved some moolah!. I realised that one doesn't really need to wear heels if it's a outdoor shoot and especially if your gown is draping! I just wore my slippers under it =P

Here's some pretty ones available online if you need some really gorgeous ones to match your gown ;)

The luxe one from ChristyNg      | The affordable one from AgapeBoutique

Here's also some ideas if you are planning something customised for your wedding. Well, I am planning on having a custom wedding invite and will most probably incorporate these cute caricatures I have gotten from Black Milk Studio previously. Capture your wedding picture into a caricature for that zest of fun!

Cute caricature doodles from Black Milk Studios

Also printed out the caricature in smaller sizes as decor. Pasted on some collagen bottles but have yet to figure what will these be for! Perhaps as door gifts! =P

Being a fan or mixed media arts, I always loved painted rocks and look what I have spotted here! Painted rocks by Rock, Paper and Scissors. Well, I don't think any scissors are involved during the rock painting session. These painted rocks are great to make as decors or gifts to guest. Maybe only to selected important guest since these rocks could easily cost you RM30 each. Unless you opt for rocks the size of 50 cents ;)

I am also looking into these decoden jars! Yes, I love customised crafts!Gives a more personal feel to the item. Doing these decoden as individual gifts may be a lil bit pricey for all guests, but again, it will make great table decor for the reception. Get your ideas from the talented Ling of Tinypinc ;)

Cute and creamy decoden jars filled with love!

I'm thinking of making a brooch with the girl and boy clay figure to wear during wedding!!

Anyone have any ideas to share? If you are selling or offering wedding related services, do write to us too! Maybe I will do another short review ;)

Photography by McCain Pictures

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia (a.k.a Budget Bride & Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


Vee Jinggol said...


I loike your entry!
i got one question here, the soyamo is it trustable if let say i want to do online purchasing since im living in sabah?

Imprinted Grocery Bags said...

The Sut gown is really gorgeous, but I think it's not a wise decision to spend a lot of money on dress which she has to wear for only once in her life, for a common person. Syamo is more reasonable and also looks beautiful.

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