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Saturday, November 6, 2010

8 Fall/Winter 2010 Trends That Work in Malaysia

Here's a quick update that I thought would be a fun read! Changing fashion trends constantly fascinate me - let's see if we can summarise what's new and trendy this season! :D And I'm only going to write about stuff that we can pull off in Malaysia - omitting the capes and knits that are all the rage in four-seasoned countries - so I guess it's a little bit ironic that this article is about "Fall/Winter" trends :P

Note: While I set out at the beginning of this review to find items online for each trend,
the task proved too daunting and I couldn't search every blog to find items for every trend -
so please help me out by leaving comments below this post :D Thanks!

Trend 1: Big, Billowing Bottoms
Flared, tapered, wide-legged bottoms are the trendiest cut this part of the year, and the start of the next!

Trend 2: Work That Patchwork
While this trend requires balancing that fine line between gorgeous patchwork and quilted bedspread, it sure sounds like something fun that you can even DIY yourself! :D

Trend 3: The Pad in iPad
Apple products are not the only trends people are feverish for. Padded shoulders are still in trend, and staying strong! It is fantastic in bulking up the body for petites, or balancing the top for pear-shaped figures for a curvier and more proportionate silhouette. If you'd like to give your plain padded blazers/jackets that military oomph!, just add embellishments like studs and brooches :D

From PrettyLily RM39 | From Queen La Moss RM48

Trend 4: Think Vampires - velvet, velour and blood red
Word on the fashion grapevine is that velvet is the "it" fabric for Fall 2010. I personally find these fabrics a little bit annoying in terms of gathering dust and pet hairs, but hey, what's a little bit of grime in exchange for looking fabulous, right? :D

From anaabu RM15 | RM15

Trend 5: Nude Is Not Naked
Camel, oak, and muted tan colours are all the rage. Is it safe to say, nude is the new black? ;P

From Hallo Couture RM50 | From Pieces of Key RM30 | RM20

Trend 6: Cut It Out
Cropped tops are snipping their way back on the runways and into our wardrobes! Try going for long-sleeved cropped tops for that quirky balance. Why not make your own cropped tops by cutting up oversized sweaters you don't want anymore? :P

Trend 7: A Tale of Two Hemlines
In a season inspired by the likes of full circle skirts and Grace Kelly, two types of hemlines seem to be making the headlines: first we have the longer hemlines (mid to calf-length and maxi dresses) and second, we have the "split personality" type that's short in the front, long at the back. These dresses sound great for year-end Christmas and New Year's parties! :D

From anaabu RM35 | RM25

Trend 8: Fantastical Fantasies
For clothes - blindingly beautiful graphic garments were seen on the runways, and are filtering to our local stores and blogshops. Graffiti bottoms, aztec printed leggings, sequins, edgy retro chic patterns, time to go wild with the bling and jazz!
For accessories - bold, dazzling embellishments of gold, silver and every shiny and reflective shade in between - and prints that fuse fantasy with patterns. Definitely go for dramatic, metallic embellishments!
For bags - the "it" bags this season are chained bags like the Chanel-inspired favourites :D

From Button N Zip RM38 | From anaabu RM49 | From Pieces of Key RM38

From Bolster Store RM55 | RM52

From Lattitude RM10 | RM8 | From A Fashion Story RM11.60 | RM16

Are you selling any products that match any of the 8 trends above?
Leave a comment below and share! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Your Shopping Kaki said...

Spotted tribal leggings at http://mydressingcloset.blogspot.com/ that match Trend 8! :D

Gorgeous Lollipop said...

we have lots of fall and winter collection clothes. check us out at facebook! from trench coat, legging, boots, you name it.

Raymond said...

hi ur site fentastic and here also u can find many more like shopping and gifts etc.,

Anonymous said...

i'm interested in trend 4.can i get it?where?how?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Here you go! :)

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