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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who let the Dot Coms out?

At last count, there are over 1000 blogshops in our local community.
Perhaps nearly half of them have grown inactive within a six-month window,
but some have stuck it out, seen it all, and come out better than ever ...
and some have even evolved from blogshops into offline boutiques or Dot Com sites.

In the spirit of ever-improving ourselves, today's review has a Dot Com theme! :)
We have to applaud those in the online shopping community for taking the leap
from small-time blogshops to full-fledged online-shopping superpowers
(okay maybe I'm being a tad dramatic).

Here are 10 Dot Com "blog"shops that've definitely caught my eye -
I can't wait to see how they continue flourishing and marketing themselves in future! :)

From Soul Chic RM55.90 | RM59.90
On the left: Whoa, a tube dress with a twist!
From its cake-tiered skirt to some seriously cool paint-splattered prints,
this is definitely one party dress I haven't seen before :D
On the right: Simple, beautiful, chic - a blue blazer for keeps.
Clean lines, very luxurious, loving the pale blue.
Perfect to accessorize with gold bangles, necklaces or earrings.

From The Pop Look RM59 | RM64
The see-through lace top isn't exactly new on the scene,
but that doesn't stop this piece from being any less pretty! :)
Peach-coloured and floral, feminine yet sultry. Niiiiice.
And check out that relaxed fit, kimono-sleeved romper!
The toga is so totally Didi Benami from American Idol :D

From Dirty Pretty Things RM69 | RM70
Aaaargh! DPT's things are so PRETTY!
Yellow peplum-ish dress - creamy and perfect for that UK6-8 figure.
Purple barbie-esque blazer - such a good piece to invest in!

From AliceWonders RM99 RM79 | From Heaven4Angels RM59
Two old favourites from the blogosphere:
the Chanel-inspired bag - this time in a deep strawberry pink (so cute!),
and low-heeled Oxfords - cute and quite affordable! :)

From Ugly Duckling Closet RM39 (shades) | RM45 (top)
I've never seen shades like these before, LOL!
Turn heads on a sunny day at the zoo, or wear them to lectures to "rest your eyes" behind :P
And that scallop top is sheer at the right places -
wonderfully suited for high-waisted shorts/skirts, or plain jeans :)

From Doublewoot RM29 (10% discount with any other purchase)
With the backless/back-exposing phenomenon that's exploding on the fashion scene,
you need the proper undergarments (if you haven't got them already) -
starting with the strapless, backless, nude-coloured adhesive bra! :D
Free Pos Daftar (registered post) for payments made within 24 hours!

From Mizu Closet RM45 | TBC (under RM100)
Oversized, white, crisp boyfriend shirts are in demand always! :D
Every girl needs one of these staple pieces in her wardrobe, after all.
Also, wigs and hair extensions are starting to catch on a wave here in Malaysia -
so it's pretty handy that Mizu Closet are planning to start bringing them in! :)
Visit their website today to let them know which types you like! :)
*Pssst: Most of the models in catalogues (esp Korean/Taiwan pre-orders)
are wearing wigs or hair extensions*

From Yellow Cab Trappings RM55 | RM50
Skirts from Australia's Supre! :D Price tags aren't too bad either! :)
Bodycon or old-school high-waisted skirt, both types are available.
Very pretty, very girly - yet simple and classy.
Also look in-store for tonnes of bikinis!

From Soak Republic RM29 | RM25
Accessories! :D My obsession with bangles and bracelets is starting to sound unhealthy ...
but anyway, just look at these wrist adornments!
Each piece, in its own intricate detailing, is so special.
Just LOOK!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

mizu said...

Thank you darling! Love you to the max! :)

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