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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bazaar Review: Chic Pop Street Market 4 @ Sunway Giza Mall

Hello, hello! :D Your Shopping Kaki here, fresh from a long day at Tongue In Chic's fourth instalment of Chic Pop Street Market! Won't abuse your glorious Sunday with a hurricane of words - so please enjoy a smattering of photographs instead! :D

The two pairs of shoes that depict the internal conflict of my wardrobe :D
The Yellow almost nearly wins. Pictured above as Doc Martens from Phat Culture!

Phwwoaaaaar. Coasters from where my friends were drinking and lepak-ing ...
... while I shopped :D And took photos!

Chic Pop this time was in Sunway Giza in Dataran Sunway,
a new mall that serves as a great location for bazaars! :)

There were soooo many booths and soooo many things to buy! :D
It's the kind of bazaar where you don't even know where to start -
I decided to cover the left row, then right row, then the other side,
and then the other corner, and then the other corner...
LOL. I was there for FOUR hours.

High street, brand new, preloved, refashioned, new stocks, clearance sales, even DIY on sale by TiC!

And now... for highlights! :D
(Sorry I couldn't review every single stall ya, I tried it before and it takes too long T.T)

One of my favourite stalls - by fashion stylist & designer Ken Wong! :)
He does hair and make-up too - and I personally love the styles he's come up with :D
No website as yet, to contact him just drop an email to kenwck99@hotmail.com.
PS: I totally regret not buying that floral sling bag :(

My only purchase of the day was from The Survival Store. :D
They've bought back awesomeee goodies from London and Paris, in all sorts of sizes too!
20 points to Gryffindor if you can spot what I bought! ;P Floral leggings!

I always love ILoveSnackFood's stall at bazaars! :D
Apart from the fact that the people running it are the sweetest couple EVER,
their accessories and etceteras on sale are always so quirky and unique.
Less risks of bumping into another girl/guy wearing the same thing as you! :D

Another cooool blogshop: Brollies! :D
Sorry I couldn't get a better picture of their actual products - their booth was too crowded. LOL!
But you can check out their website for the products, I think it was the same items! :D

More well-known blogshops in the online shopping community:
Lush Serendipity (left) and Vivace Cabin (right) :D

If you're still looking for staple tanks and tees for your wardrobe, My Favouritees is your solution! :)

It took me all my willpower to resist buying those bangles
(because I think I have enough already T.T)

Names worth a million bucks: Hanger Fanger and I Love Ewe! :D
But don't worry, their products go for more affordable prices. Hehe!

The cutest necklaces from Baci Boutique | The coolest cut dress from A Season In Summer

Left: Dreamiest rings, necklaces and other accessories from Mimpi Murni
Right: Really one-of-a-kind handmade crafts from Take Me Crafts

I just realised my review is mostly devoted to accessories - they're my latest obsession, haha -
but here's one more interesting plug - The Aura, a go-to blog for charms and trinkets,
has opened a shop in Kota Damansara! :) I didn't know that until today! :D
Address is on the little card pictured above :) Open on weekends, 11am-6pm.

Shuuuuuz! Gorgeous heels and flats of all sorts from The Kooky Thing! :D

If you feel a deep, instinctive desire to visit a bazaar like RIGHT NOW after reading this,
you can! :D Come on over to the Youth Festival at PWTC, today 10am-10pm! :D
Last day is today :) And extra good news - some of the participating vendors are
pictured above too, so you can indeed buy the stuff there :D Click here for more info!

More bazaar reviews coming up soon right here on Your Shopping Kaki! :)
For you to vicariously live your bazaar experience through, or to see what each bazaar is like :D
Hope you enjoyed this simple one! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

Sueann Chong said...

Ken Wong was one of my favourite stalls too :) Hope to see you at Chic POP Street Market 5 this Saturday.

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