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Monday, April 26, 2010

Product Review: False Eyelashes

Monday mornings = Small Eyes
Monday mornings = Small Eyes + False Eyelashes = Bright Eyes!

Everything that's about to be reviewed: 5 different types of falsies!

I know some of you reading this are curious about false eyelashes,
but never dared to try them - trust me, I was the same too!
I knew literally zero - zilch, nothing! - about how to wear falsies.

Ever since I started the process of doing this product review,
I've officially fallen in love with false eyelashes! :P
It's one of those things that once you've tried,
you'll never go back to living life without at least a pair of falsies in your drawer -
you can't hate them, it's as magical as make-up!

All thanks to Lemon Honey Lemon,
which is so totally the blogshop to buy falsies from! :D

But just look at how pretty falsies are, they totally enhance your eyes! :)

Kim Kardashian | Quinn Fabray from Glee

But Caucasian eyes are so different from Asian eyes like most of ours -
so I took to learning the basics from this YouTube video first! :D

For more vids, click here

All you need: a pair of false eyelashes and an eyelash glue.
You can also buy extra stuff like "eyelash helper" tools - they can be useful too!
The glue that I got is a transparent glue, which I think is better than coloured glue.
Everything you need can be bought at Lemon Honey Lemon :P
Plus they're reusable! :D You can use each pair many times!

The first pair I tried on: False eyelashes V, RM20 per box (10 pairs)

I tried this one on first because there were five pairs of the same thing -
so I didn't have to worry in case I ruined the first pair :P Hehe!
These were pretty soft, although the eyelash band was quite hard.
However, the band is really long - so you need cut off the excess parts.
One of the things I love about falsies is that you can cut and trim as you please! :)

One eye with the false eyelashes, one eye without! :)
If you can't guess which is which, then I guess I didn't put it right :(

Rhinestone false eyelashes, RM10
Whoaaaa the blue rhinestones are so funky! :D
These are insanely long and dramatic - very cool for parties methinks!
But you can't see the blue jewels unless your eyelids are lowered :P

Natural cross false eyelashes, RM10 for 3 pairs
This pair pictured above is definitely my favourite! :D
These three false eyelashes above are part of their Natural Collection,
which suits people like me best because we spend more time in shopping malls
than clubs and parties, hehe! Those would call for heavier and more dramatic lashes :)

The other two pairs of false eyelashes are as tested below:
Curvy Eyelashes RM10 for 3 pairs | Natural Curve Eyelashes RM10 for 3 pairs
Part of the magic of false eyelashes: giving an illusion of bigger eyes! :D
It sort of "opens" your eyes up with the long, perky lashes, hehe -
they're just so fun to wear. Fun to try out the different types too!

In case you're still worried, here are basic instructions:
1. Trim the false eyelashes to your desired length.
2. Wear your make-up as usual, complete with eyeliner.
3. Curl your (real) eyelashes - although this step is optional (I didn't do it).
4. Apply glue on the false eyelashes.
5. Take false eyelash and put on to your eyelid, exactly where you drew your eyeliner.
6. Adjust, press - this part is a lot easier than I expected. :)
7. Touch up your eyeliner. Apply mascara if you like.
8. Ta-dahh! You're all set! Practise makes perfect, it'll be easier the more you do it!
9. To remove, apply eye makeup remover and peel from the outer side.


The awesome thing is that Lemon Honey Lemon is having a promotion!
Natural collection: 3 pairs for RM10 - this makes the postage worth it :P
Anniversary sales: For selected lashes, buy the 2nd pair at 50% discount :D

This promo is valid for 2 weeks from now, so hurry ya!
Ooooh and YSK readers enjoy a 10% discount on Collection I-XIX (click that) - yay!
Password: "I LOVE YSK!"

Click HERE to start shopping for false eyelashes!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)



Thanks Sha-lene!

FYI, I will be away from 26-30 April. I will reply all enquiries and orders from 30 April onwards.

Sorry for keeping everyone waiting. :) Don't worry, will extend the discount for YSK readers for sure! Hehe...


glam.mama said...

I love falsies but I can never find an occasion to wear them! That being said, I have to say my favorite technique for a more natural look is to cut the lashes into smaller parts with 3-4 lashes, and glue them on one-by one. They curve onto the eyelid more naturally this way :)


Hi everyone, I'm back! Thank you for waiting...

I've replied all the emails yesterday, if you still haven't receive any reply from me, please resend. I do not want to miss anyone. :)

Glam.mama: We have natural look false lashes, you can use it everyday! False lashes is not only for special occasion! Hehe... :))


Shoppers Network said...

Hi dear,

I've send a request on link exchange. Shoppers Network is a new reviewer blog and hope that YSK can show us support as a starter by adding our link in your blogroll under "reviewers" section ^^

SITE URL: http://shoppers-network.blogspot.com

We've added your blog into our blogroll as well ^^

Tammy ♥ said...

Hi there,

I found a jap website which has video on how to put on fake eyelashes in a very detailed manner.

1) Go to this website http://www.koji-honpo.co.jp/movie/

2) Click the video on the top right

Even though I don't know jap but the video says it all! Very helpful :)

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