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Monday, April 19, 2010

8 Statement Pieces for Lazy Days

Hi shopping kaki! :D How was your weekend?

If you missed out on the bazaars this past weekend, don't worry - we're bringing you some bazaar reviews asap - mostly from our Guest Blogger-turned-Bazaar Addict, and one little one from yours truly! :)

In the meantime, if you're feeling lazy to do anything - even thinking up outfits to wear to class or to go out, don't worry either - we've got it covered in today's review! :P Here goes 8 statement pieces for lazy days!

From Ancient Orchids RM34
Top on our list is definitely urban graphix on a slouchy, off-shoulder tee!
Take attention away from an un-made-up face or a positively bad hair day,
because your shirt's got so much going on that there's where the eyes'll go! :)

From Elegant Extravaganza RM30 each
Or pull on a floral tank dress over a pair of leggings - and voila!
Your outfit speaks for you :D This particular floral tank dress is really cute,
cheapest price tag I've seen so far. A word of warning though, this strictly fits UK6.
And maybe small UK8 ... but it shows off every wobbly bit, so garter up or suck it in! :P
But if you really REALLY love it and want to buy it anyway,
it does stretch up to practically any size. :P Up to UK16-18.

Belicious Boutique RM45 | RM55
Yay, colourful cropped tops! :D
A pair of jeans and a cami underneath are popped on to the next (fashion) level with
a simple, breezy cropped top. Just loooook at the fun outfits above! :)

From Junk, Junketty, Junk RM30 | RM25
Eeeehehehehe aren't these tees uber cute? :D
Sense of humour compulsory ya!

From The Vintage Vanity RM35 | From Quadruple Junks RM65
Oooh, second-hand/pre-owned blogshops can contain such gems sometimes! :)
Click click in-store for more! :D

From Dress2Dazzle RM36 | Being resold in Shopping Tattoo for RM35
Another popular floral tank, except this one's a tube! :)
Totally gorgeous. One of my best friends in uni has the exact same one,
and she looked so great in it, I had to recommend it here to all UK6-8s here too! :D

On a final note,

here's a quick plug for the resident samaritans at Every Dog Has Its Day! :)
If you're an animal-lover (especially dogs) who wants to know how she/he can help,
or if you're looking to get a dog and considering adopting one who needs a home,
click HERE to read about their cause! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

ukimi_ommiey said...

those cloyh look nice

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