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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guest Blogger: "Pick & Grab 9" Bazaar Review

A Bazaar Review
By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Hello!!! And I am back! No, not Sha-Lene but Cynthia the guest blogger a.k.a. filler poster while the owner of this blog goes on hiatus =D

At the time of posting I suppose it's a tad too late for people to be excited as the bazaar has already been over for like... 3 weeks back? -__-

Anyway, here goes...

This is how a Sunday morning looked like in that cool urban neighbourhood - Sri Hartamas, where Pick N Grab was held in their usual venue in Hartamas Food Court. By the way, this is the Pick N Grab season 9! =D If you have missed out all the previous seasons, be sure to catch them again in future.

Empty road with empty parking space! | Municipal workers clearing dead leaves =D

Initially, I wanted my review this time to be a bit more seller-focused like this:

This is what I wanted exactly! The stall and the poses =D

(no link. I can't seem to find you peeps online too ... sorry!)

... which I later figured it won't work. I only went for one session on Sunday and missed the Saturday session ... and there are different sellers on both days. And as usual I was too busy searching for bargains than to snap sufficient pictures :P

It was a quiet and hot Sunday. Nevertheless the vendors were all ready to meet the buyers. Where are thou buyers!? There's so much bargains on new and preloved items waiting to be snapped! As low as RM10 for tops and dresses! This time round, there were a lot of preloved stalls waiting to clear their stuffs =D

Racks and racks of clothes waiting for buyers to grab at really rock-bottom prices!

Preloved dresses and tops from RM10 to RM20
from one of the stall with names unidentified =D

There were a handful of stalls offering can-die-if-you-resist-buying items at very reasonable rates. And mind you, it's not out-of-style item ok.

Ohh lala! Yellow kimono maxi for the dare to stand out ones from Prettyful |
Lacy tunics and snake print is oh-So-Haute and on sales too!
Guess what I bought? ;)

There were also lots of dudes on that Sunday, accompanying their girlfriends and helping out at stalls (which also explains why I didn't try to get all stalls to hold their items as per my initial intention). But there is this one particular dude whom I have been stalking and patronising non-stop with no humiliation. But this dude got his girl already, the Duchess =(
And my size is too big to cater anyway. =(

How can I not stalk them! Unbelievably cheap bargains for all their stuff! The Supre dress is only RM25 or RM30! Or maybe lower! Now, do you see the wonders of bazaars? With a lil' bit of patience and perseverance, you are bound to get thrilled with the bargains! They called it the 'Cheap Thrills'! Sometimes you don't even need patience. Just screen through on signages yelling SALES =D

Fancy some accesories? If you walk r e a l l y s l o w and look around, you will be ecstatic to find cool and funky accessories to complete your Lady Gaga ensemble!

Can you survive the temptation?
If you can't, dig into the accessories at Survival Store =D

Or some rock-till-you-dock stuff to complete your grunge look:

Besides screaming your lungs out, you can opt for some grungy Ed Hardy accessories
at Prince Kasyi to complete your style.

If you opt for the Taylor Swift mode, they have it too!

All kinds of everything handmade accesories to make you looking lovely

There's also stuff that you may or may not find in the online shopping site's community but are hesitant to purchase without having a feel of it.

Can-Of-Oreo Tote from Nakalicious | Durian bag of which I forgot which stall -__-

Rasta top from the store next to SurvivalStore | Tigerina top from Eff-Bombs
(i seriously thought it belongs to SurvivalStore.
The real owner do leave a comment so we can link you)

Can you spot the big sign yelling out 40%? What's a bazaar with no great bargains? And yes! Those are simpy irresistible bargain! Which is why I took the picture from afar. In fear that I may lose my sanity in being thrifty and head to the racks and start spending =D. Am not too sure of what great stuff were there for grab on the first day of the bazaar since I only went on the last day, which was a Sunday.

Also - great bargains from Lah Lah Land in Pick N Grab 9, who is also the organiser of the event. By now, most probably some of you would have attended the Junkyard Lah, where dogs are part of the guest list too (as seen in their blog post =P) on the 28 March 2010.

Bargains from Lah Lah Land | Nakalicious with bags collection on promotion too!

Generally, if you live around the area, and have nothing much to do on a weekend, and would like to have a getaway from the air-conditioned malls and prefer to rub shoulder with lots of hot girls in the latest maxi dresses or bodycon dresses, then wait till the next Pick N Grab session at the same venue. I hope! =D

And I shall end this humble review with a picture of the current craze among the online shoppers.

The convertible dress from Peep Boutique
(as blogged about by Your Shopping Kaki here: *click*)

See you at the next bazaar! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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