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Monday, March 15, 2010

8 Basics that Pop!

Good evening, shopping kaki! :D

It's Monday of a new week - and some of us need some de-stressing already! ;) So here's another hiatus from my hiatus (LOL, read explanations at the end of this blog post) and this time, we've found 8 basics with a twist!

From demure white dresses with intricate back detailing, to a dress that can turn into 10 different ones, to bags that'll reflect the true fashionista you are ... and more!

Lycra & lace dress from Buttons & Biscotti RM59
Here's a simple dress that's a staple for every shopping kaki's wardrobe, the LWD (Little White Dress).
But hey, take a look at the detailing on the back! :D
Crocheted lace that's angelic to boot, in a shade that flatters every skin tone.
Be sure to wear your hair up, because the point is to show off that fine detail! ;)

Hot pink fringe bucket bag from Shop With Narnia RM66 RM25
Everyone say with me now: "CLEARANCE SALEEEEE!!"
Hot pink and disturbingly funky - tiers of pleather fringe for a price tag of RM25!
Only one question to ask: "Is it even still available?!" :P

Floral tank top from Edward Effing Cullen RM14
A first glance at this unassuming top may not invoke that involuntary gasp -
especially since there are hundreds of new clothes each day for us to ogle at,
but take a closer look at how much of a treasure this is! :)
I'd totally recommend this for anyone with that enviable UK6-8 frame,
because this little tank top will cling and flatter like nobody's business. :D
(Somemore so affordable!)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mirror Heart bags from I Want Bags RM375 | RM550
Authentic Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, for under 1K! :D
That's quite a worthwhile designer splurge, no?
Take your pick, between a clutch-turned-evening-bag or tote bag -
I especially love the metallic, reflective surface of the bags.
This one'll be sure to Pop! and stand out anywhere!

Toga romper from Girl's Vitamin RM45
The toga thirst needs some quenching this season! ;)
What more when a powdery-white toga top is attached to a pair of cutesy shorts,
resulting in what we call The Toga Romper? :D
An effective one-piece for days when you can't figure out what to put together,
and for packing light on holidays!

Maxi dress from The Cute Closet RM55
Oh my, a black-based maxi dress with embroidered floral prints!
The colour is formal enough for evening wear,
and yet the prints are cheerful enough for the beach or parties!
Plus it's versatile - wear it as a tube or a halter. :D

Smocked tube maxi dresses from La Robe RM55
I think we've discovered the mecca of basic maxi dresses! :D
With a palette of TEN different colours to choose from,
and the option to customize the length of your dress -
maxi dress lovers can say "yay!" and hop over to this fairly new blogshop!
It's never too early to get started on your Maxi Dress Day collection! :P

This particular palette of plain-coloured maxi dresses are in this review,
because I've realised that there's no better dress to "Pop!" with
than a long, one-coloured dress and a very colourful or bright-coloured accessory :D
Handbags, hair accessories, colourful bangles, wayfarers, bedazzled flip-flops - your call!

For example:
Nicole Ritchie: black maxi, white bag | Heidi Montag: yellow maxi, lavender bag

So, knock yourselves out updating the basics in your wardrobe this month! ;)

Coming up soon:
A product review on the critically-acclaimed bestselling dress,
the one we call the "convertible dress".
A basic that will definitely make your eyes pop!
A myth or a magical investment piece?
Find out soon, exclusively on Your Shopping Kaki :D


Your Shopping Kaki is still mainly on hiatus - uni assignments are scurrying into the "In" tray - although you're welcome to continue visiting this blog because:
  • On the sidebar, we have blogrolls made up of over 1000 blogshops, and will continue adding in new ones every few months (so, don't worry if we haven't replied your emails yet! :P)
  • We have useful information stored in older posts, especially under our FYI label
  • We have contributors who will ensure YSK is the site to visit for bazaar reviews :)
  • And if time permits, YSK will definitely try to write a few blog posts each month :D
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Just don't send your "Link Me" details as a comment, because I can't keep track of where the comments went when I'm looking for your details later. Just send an email. :)

Thank you so much for visiting Your Shopping Kaki! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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