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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nobody H8s Bargains Under RM50

Hi shopping kaki! :D

Did you vote earth today by switching off your lights for an hour? :) If you didn't, you can still do it eventhough Earth Hour 2010 has just went by tonight! It'll still make a difference.

Today's special review is dedicated to Earth Hour. :D Here are some dresses, tops and skirts that I totally couldn't resist sharing with you! Someone buy them already! :P Prices range from RM25 to RM49. Just click on the blogshop name directly below the photographs - don't email your orders to me! :P

From EmmyCubic RM45 (free postage)
Cosmic shoulders with a lace panel line down the front, and a scoop at the back.
Bloody delicious. Available in three different colour variations. Well-priced!
High-waisted floral skirts with pretty tea-party prints, complete with a bow!
How do you resist? They're calling out for girls sized UK6-10!

From The Survival Store RM40 | From The Survival Store RM30
It's metallic, it's got animal prints, it's got a poofy shoulder (I think!) and it's a toga.
Talk about hitting all the right spots for this season's trends! :P
Also take a looksie at its very affordable hot pink companion with the winged skirt.

From Seventh Day Sale RM49 RM43 | From Seventh Day RM48
These sweetheart necklines are making me swoon!
Tight-fitting and bustier-cut, fantastically floral -
take your pick between a bodycon skirt or a flared skater skirt!
(Edit: Ooh they just updated after I published this review, you have to check out their updates!)

From FashionStudio54 RM94
Okay so while nobody hates bargains under RM50, sometimes we gotta love the splurges! :P
I've never seen a local blogshop sell one of these contemporary Japanese kimonos before -
not kimono-inspired tops/dresses, but quite literally a modern kimono.
Gorgeous, no? Do ask for more details if you're interested - it sure is pretty!

From EmmyCubic RM40 (free postage)
Now, this isn't quite a new piece on the online scene -
but it's looking so darn good with that oversized keyhole at the back!
Plus the free postage option is such a temptress, no? ;)

From Le Mode Maison RM39
Baby's got back - and these dresses will make damn sure they notice! ;P
A little more loose-fitting than the other bow-backed dresses out there,
which means this one's a little kinder to holiday pounds and wobbly bits :D

From PhatCulture RM47
Hello, can you say "OMG" already? Why, you ask?
Because this is a two-piece ensemble, detachable 2-items-for-the-price-of-1!
Imagine the options you have with this single purchase:
Floral tank on its own, lace covering with any of your tank dresses or bodycons,
etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc I think I've made my point.

From EmmyCubic RM46 (free postage) | From EmmyCubic RM40 (free postage)
Looking at such pretty pictures makes me question myself.
Why haven't I bought one of these cosmic-shouldered or bow-backed dresses yet? :/
Don't make the same mistake as me - go buy yours today! :D

Ending the show with a bang is a bargain I haven't seen online in quite a while!
RM25-RM30 for cute little floral minidresses (for petites) or tops (for taller girls). Say what?

So what're you waiting for?
Go buy some new clothes and switch off your lights! :D
Oh and if anyone has anything similar to the reviewed items above,
feel free to leave a comment! :D

And don't worry if I haven't replied your emails yet,
I'll reply everyone at a later point in time! :)
I'm not running this site actively at the moment, like linking and stuff,
only just blogging when I feel like it. :P Have more feature ideas in mind.

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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