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Thursday, February 25, 2010

8 Must-Haves For 2010

Hello, happy bunnies! :)

With a new year comes new fashion trends, but before any of you feel a li'l lost (as I sure did!) on what's available on the online market this 2010 - here's the skinny on 8 must-haves that'll see you through the year without breaking bank!

Rawr. The Tiger year has officially arrived.

Must-Have #1: Aye, Metallica!
Hollywood leather meets the bodycon concept head-on to bring us affordable PVC dresses, skirts and tanks! :) Street fashion has been rocking it - and so have our favourite Tinseltownies on the red carpet!

From Agape Boutique RM25

From Demooieziel RM35 | From White Label Closet RM52

From Nunfish RM50 | RM50

Must-Have #2: Innerwear as Outerwear
Fresh off 2009's shopping cart are bustiers and corsets, so it makes sense in terms of continuity that innerwear and certain lingerie designs are taking centre-stage as acceptable outerwear! ;) But hold on to your horses when shopping for innerwear-as-outerwear - more designs will come along throughout the year, so if you're running on a tight budget, save your liquid for when the perfect one comes along!

From The Blaq Magic Lovers RM55 | From Rob My Closet RM45

From Agape Boutique RM40 | RM38

From Nunfish RM52

Must-Have #3: Nothing structured, nothing gained!
Last year, we rediscovered harem pants. Heads up - rompers, playsuits, jumpers, military-style and structured futuristic-inspired wear are about to invade our closets! Not reviewed below but not to be missed out are cosmic-shouldered (think shoulder pads and puffy sleeves) tops and minidresses.

From Vintage Packstocks RM30 | From Shopaholics Unite RM37

From Andmoreagain RM35 | RM35

Must-Have #4: Flowers that never die
Unlike organic flowers in real life, florals in fashion have been around for a long time - and will stick around for longer! ;) Prettier designs come up one after another, experimented on different textures and materials, and on different parts of the outfit - no longer confined to only dresses and tops - get some flower power on your shorts, skirts, even your shoes! Keep an eye out for the prettiest of florals come Spring season in fashion!

From Andmoreagain RM35 | From What The Fashion RM48

From Lalina Boutique RM35 | From Oh My Clothes RM45

From Oh, popsicles! RM39 | From The Attires' Attic RM42

Must-Have #5: The ongoing Lace Phase
Studs may be taking more of a backseat in 2010, but lace is just getting started. ;) It's a worthy investment as lace apparel will see you through all fashion trends - but also keep a lookout for lower prices as more lace choices invade the online community!

From Angel Glory RM48

From Daily Boutique RM46 | From Veritas Lab RM45

From glossyaddiction RM42

From A Model Studio RM44 | From Rob My Closet RM60

Must-Have #6: The Cool Shoulder
Here's a pretty timeless piece for your wardrobe - the toga or one-shoulder. :D Grecian-inspired, showing a tantalizing amount of skin without looking too bare. Perfectly engineered to accompany a statement accessory to complete the look. Examples as below: a multichain necklace, or a glittering studded clutch!

From Trendy Confessions RM50

From Dandelion's Kisses RM55

From Veritas Lab RM80

From Kiss and Tell RM35 | From Kimono Boutique RM45

Must-Have #7: 'Em Loud and Bold Thangs
Last year, we saw stackable bangles, oversized rings, feathered headbands and bib necklaces. This year, expect floral bangles and even louder statement necklaces and headbands! Accessories with the X-factor will no doubt be in the name of eccentricity and over-the-top-ness - but you can always tone it down with a simple, one-colour dress! :)

From Soak Republic RM29 | RM30

Must-Have #8: On the 2010 Shopping List
Fun, fierce, and totally timely! Tiger prints or a tiger-print tank top will have all eyes on you. ;) Rock the Tiger year!

Picture credits to Forever21.com

For some quick info on other 2010 fashion trends, click here and here for a couple of useful webpages!

PS: I'm still on hiatus! :P Won't be answering emails yet. For urgent messages (not linking messages), please leave a comment below this post. And if you're selling anything that fits into the 8 categories above, leave a comment too! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Summerdynz said...

Hi all.

Summerdynz does not have floral bangles, but we do have monochromatic bangles! Chunky ones, if size matters to you ;)

Lots of designs in store, come check them out! :)

Jojiena said...

im interested.how to order yea?

Gorgeous Lollipop said...

We have Lace dress in Long sleeves over here. Have a visit! http://gorgeouslollipop.blogspot.com/

Gorgeous Lollipop said...

Jojiena send us email to order yeah gorgeouslollipop@gmail.com We are restocking lace dress in black. place your order before 28 Feb.

The Vaunt said...

RM59 | CLUX ME | Oversized Leopard Print Sweat Dress!
Visit http://thevaunt.blogspot.com/

skullheadcandy said...

hey hey :)
im from skullheadcandy..
ive already put u on my link list..
we do have cool dresses n cute tops

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