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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guest Blogger: Chic Pop Bazaar Review

Bazaar Review: Chic Pop Street Market
By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Event date: 30 Jan 2010
Venue: TTDI Plaza, Taman Tun

Free drinks, free masseurs at your service providing orgasmic massage at no cost - chopping your back and pinching your tired feet, manicurists who never stopped shaping and painting nails till their muscles ache while looking droopy eyed seeing that the queue never gotten any shorter, tarot card readers who seemed to be the favourite of the crowd (yeah, I supposed all girls want to know the exact details of the arrival of their prince charming via tarot reading).

Oh! I do this a lot when I go PWTC. Register and get your freebies!
Only difference is that the counter girls are skimpily dressed with long eyelashes
and not in blazers and headphones like those in PWTC =D

Basically if you have all the time and patience, you can have all the free services provided and scour through every nook of each stall and you are bound to find something either free or superbly affordable. If you find your make-up melted while scavenging in the hot weather, just head over to Clinique to get a free dab and continue scavenging for bargains =D

Clinique counter | Bar counter to redeem or buy your drinks

Everyone busy minding their own business and searching for bargains!

My Eyes Go Ga-Ga! *_*

Yes! How can I not go crazy and delirious with all the offerings around?
The accesories were screaming BUY ME! BUY ME!

The shoes were yelping: YOUR FEET FIT ME! FIT ME!

And as you walk around, you can see the hoardes of bags showing their sexy curves to you! Seducing you to get hold of them! It's like hearing whispers of BRING ME HOME SWEETIES! BRING ME HOME!

Now you get it why they serve beer? To make you more light-headed and cool yourself down from all the temptations =D

Master of Branding

Yes, I always appreciate the fact that sellers make sure who the buyers are buying from. Because when a delirious shopper gets back home, she needs to brag about; "Oh! Lemme tell you where I got my gorgeous dress from! It's from MySmellyDress.com! Envy or not?" And the rest of the envious people will go home, browse the net and stalk MySmellyDress.com. Happy ending =)

Going home and trying to boast; "Oh! I got a dress today and it's from this stall with the seller who always poses with a racoon. You know or not? She got long hair and long nails and she smile." And the rest of the envious people will Google 'shop-with-long hair-model-racoon' and give up after ending up being diverted to "How To Care For Your Racoon While Not Messing Up Your Long Hair". No ending =(

You know it ain't dirty when it comes to DirtyPrettyThings
I am Cathy Katie Cathy Katie Cathy Katie Cathy Katie Cathy Katie Cathy Katie

Oops! I have no signages, but I am more than glad to model myself here
and give you a name card =)
P.S: PhatCulture ain't fat!

Excuse me!! Please give way to my big banner! And it is taller and bigger than you petites! =D
HomeTooMuch | The Hobo Hut - of which I can't find your hut website to link =(

The Familiar Faces
Stalls you see in almost every bazaars available =)

How hard to spot them?
Boys with bags for girls- The Facebook Us Us Us Clothing | Lush Serendipity

Here and There
There are really a lot of nice quirky stuff available. You just need the time and patience to walk slowly, stare, filter, flip, stare longer, look around, visualise, see if the boyfriend have got the =) or the =( face and decide! It's a long process, but so worth it.

Polka shoes from 'I-have-no-idea-who-you-are'
Quirkily printed items from 'I-have-no-idea-who-you-are'
(if you would like a link, do drop a comment perhaps in the c-box or the comment box?)

For the androgen-bursting population, fret not that you will be bored while your girlfriends diverted their passion to the gorgeous items in the bazaar and have forgotten about your existence (except when it's time to pay). Yes, the boys are not forgotten! There's some stalls where you can hang around and look cool with the rest of the 'skater-boys' / 'basket-ball boys' / 'bicycle-boys'. (I am way too old in age to determine the different type of boys based on the items they are selling =P)

The perfect location for the boys to stand and not look out of place amidst floral dresses =D But I think you boys may have to wear baggy pants and do some rap motions. I don't know. I am just guessing =P (the seller gave me a bunch of stickers! Now I just have to think where can I stick it to, if I do not have a skateboard =D)

(nope, cannot eat)

I bought quite a lot of stuff in Chic Pop! =D What did you buy? ;) Do share!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia The Guest Blogger :)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


xäsh™ said...

Hey, babe! Was at Chic Pop Bazaar as well. ;D
It was aweesommeeee. One of the best I've been to actually. Very well publicised it seems--tonnes of people there!

The Soul said...

yes, it's the greatest so far! :D
see u in threadzoo perhaps :D

Anonymous said...

Hey just went through your blog and it was AWESOME!:D
Was wondering, where is this Chic Pop Bazaar you mentioned? :)

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