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Sunday, February 7, 2010

It Takes Two.

Hi there, happy shoppers! :)

With Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year just around the corner, there's nothing more exciting than some last-minute shopping to knock everyone's red socks off! :P So, here's Your Shopping Kaki taking a mini hiatus from her hiatus to write this special review for this festive season! :)

From tictactoe RM65
You probably already know, but in case you didn't know,
this year is the year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac. ;)
Cats of all sizes and breeds reign this year, whether on runways or kitty litters,
so there's nothing that's fashionably fiercer than
wearing gorgeous tiger prints on your clothes!

From Mizu Closet RM78 | RM48
Chances are that you'll always need something red for this time of the year,
but don't let the colour priority keep you from grabbing just anything red for your wardrobe -
why settle for less when you have so many fantastic red choices out there? :D
From sparkling red cheongsams that have slits up to there to structured-bodied tops,
there's nothing wrong with splurging a li'l on that really hot something red.

From Our Beauty Diary RM49
Here's a trendy piece that's got many a shopaholic squealing! ;P
Also available in navy blue, but 'tis the season for lively colours!
With the enviable lace bits and the bareback bow-back,
this is one bodycon dress that'll see you through Valentine's, CNY,
and any night or party where you just want your outfit to pop in a crowded room!

From Fitting Room Boutique RM55 | From MixedCouture RM100
Some people collect stamps. Some people collect GSC ticket stubs (you know who you are).
I collect yellow maxi dresses. :D Here are two gorgeous dresses if you want to join in on the fun!

From CathyKatie RM69 | RM69 | RM69
While these prices are a wee bit steep on the online market price,
there's no denying that you can't find these sorta clothes in malls at such low prices! :D
Look closely and see the clean lines, the elegant structures,
the classic timelessness of the dresses (and even the cardigan!).
Something for every occasion. Grab! :)

From Clothesbucket RM35
Oh, that pretty dress! Affordable, floral, festive -
if I publish this any slower, they'll all have been sold out already! :P

From Little White Crane RM52 (free postage)
Animal prints are back with a feline rage this season,
and there's no wonder, with ageless bodycon dresses like these! ;)
A word of warning, however - some animal prints can make some people look older.
So be sure to only buy clothes with animal prints if they suit you -
and not just because they're in trend now! :)

From Phat Culture RM39
These abstract splish-splash colours are always a winner! :)
Pretty affordable too! Loving the dual-tones,
flattering to almost all body types and lengths!
Makes a cute dress anytime - and not just for the festive season. :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Beautifull Boutique said...


Letting you know we've linked you! We are a newly-opened plus size ready stock online boutique.

Hope you can link us back :)

ENjoy your hiatus!

AC said...

Yay!! So glad to have another post from you again, Sha-Lene :) I look forward to your next one ^^

DianLayla said...

hi..just to inform that we have linked you.pls link us back.I have a very cheap price for pre-loved and updated new handbags!!
love ya!

Sha Liyana said...

i would love to have you to put any review of my blog on your blog and website. i'm new. hopefully with your review, it will help people to know about my blog. i really appreciate it. thank you ;)

aMyErInAiMiE said...

latest update of Closets of AmyAmy


Thanks, Erin

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