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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guest Blogger: A Bizarre Bazaar review

Surprise! :) Our Guest Blogger, Cynthia Lee, recently attended the Bizarre Bazaar @ Mist Club in Bangsar (organized by Lah'Lah'Land, superb and seasoned event organisers) - so here are some photos by Cynthia to share with YSK readers! :)

A Bazaar Review
Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Pictured above: Cynthia The Guest Blogger =D
(who is obviously too busy to shop than review)

This is what happens when alcohol is served at a bazaar =D

Another Saturday with a bazaar event - Bizarre Bazaar at Mist Club. As much as I always drive thru Bangsar I have an impression Mist Club is a body building gym for the idylic and sweaty men around Bangsar and Brickfields. It's not it seems -__-

The crowd varies today, which is good. There are aunties browsing studded tops and off-shoulder tunics. Which is good. Fashionable bazaar is not confined for yupppies the younger group only! Makciks too need to glam up OK!

All the yellow things on sale!

Yellow inspired bag | Yellow bags Yellow | Reviewer on hiatus - not for sale =D

The many trinkets to profess I Love You in a customised charmed bracelet from The Aura

Clutches and purse - from the stall at the entrance
(beep me if this is your stall so we can link you up)
Chanel lunchbox inspired bag from Sachi Mieko
My investment of the day - studs from Eff-Bombs! =D

There are many other quirky stuffs available in the bazaar which I did not manage to capture on pictures as I was again trying to look for bargain myself =D

I remember quite a few stalls (yah, I am obsessed with good and clear advertisement) like the Quirky Brown Cows with cute signage, The Vintage Steals (because someone pushed me so hard i knocked my head on the rack where the small signage is), Motte (because she offered to pick up the lace dress I dropped), Lush Serendipity ( I recognised her mom), Us Us Us (boys and girly bags, how difficult to recall =P ), Lah Lah Land ( the organiser and I tried to refrain from seeing their items as I may again spend!), Nanano Boutique (a hand appear out of nowhere while I was broowsing in her stall and she shoved me a card), MCA (with leggings of all sorts) and 2 stalls that sells cupcakes, one in a covered compartment and another in open air =D

If all bazaars were to be held in an air-conditioned club, wouldn't it be so cool and cooling at the same time! =D Hunting and bargaining is a sweaty process and definitely a cooling indoor environment would promote easy bargaining. Get it? The seller is not moody as they are not under the hot sun. Buyers are not angry as they do not need to rub shoulders with some sweaty buyers. I mean, they do rub shoulders of course, but clean cool shoulders! Ah! And the very affordable in-house pouring at only RM5! I am so looking forward to another bazaar to be held here. I think I will be able to lure an older crowd to the event shall they continue to serve drinks at that rate!

If only the crowd is a little bit more crowded, I think it would have felt like going to an Oktoberfest event =P with drinks and all! A carnival! With stars on the ceiling, people selling pretty cupcakes, boys in quirky clothing, and aggresive clothes that're set to rock the scene.

This is what I call angry fierce clothing =D
The milkmaid gone mad rock in studded corset - Sachi Mieko

The I-am-so-mad-you-can-eat-my-finger tee from Myfavouritees

Sometimes we are also bound to buy trinkets that we have no idea why is it being purchased by the impulse mind of ours. But it is so hard to resist not buying anything. It's a bazaar after all. No one leave empty handed. Must buy something! Even YSK bought something despite self-reminding not to get anything! =D

Anyway, my best purchase of the day :-

Pictured above: CynthiaTheGuestBlogger

The 'mat-rempit' key chain creatively 'piled' up by Mei of Eff-Bombs, which I think can be used in so many other ways. It's only RM8 btw! Great to get as gifts!

Due to lighting condition and the desire to shop, picture snapping was scarcely done =D. Some pictures contributed by Sha-Lene to tempt you into visiting a bazaar the next time one is organised.

Shoppers Maxi dresses (Don't forget Maxi Dress Day every year on January 7th!)

Hope to see all of you again in another bazaar soon!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


The Aura said...

Thankyou Cynthia for the nice pic of our booth, Thankyou Sharlen for dropping by .=)

FLoWErs cOMinG... said...

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FLoWErs cOMinG... said...

hye shalene,can u please put my blog int0 vintage blog list.n0w,my blog in prel0ved category.im n0w selling vintage dresses.but,my bl0g d0nt exp0se t0 vintage l0vers.please help me. tq.


DianLayla said...

Hi Sha-lene,
Can you help me put my blog at special prices category?because I just opened my blgshop.I also offer a very cheap price for YSK readers!

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pooja gupta said...

what a nice collections.
I love these kind.

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