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Monday, May 12, 2014

Vee Loves Handmade Stuff!

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

If there are no girls, then they will be no accessories. Pretty accessories to be exact. Girls and prettly lil' trinkets - its like a natural seduction. We can't let our sights of pretty things that makes our eyes twinkle with joy and our mouth open in awe and drives our heart insane in wanting to be THE ONE having put on some pretty lil' trinkets that makes our whole fashion ensemble better than ordinary hoho! OK, maybe that's just me.

I appreciate those pretty little handmade stuff that we stumbles across blogshops.
And the talents these independent artiste have is amazing! They are the ones who makes you semi-exclusive pieces of accessories where you cannot get the exact same piece unless you ask for the exact same piece.

Wonderfully Made by Vee shows a collection of handmade trinkets by Vee.
Each pieces comes with an inspiration and a theme behind it,  which makes it more interesting especially when being presented as a gift.
And since it is handmade, you have the choice to custom your own piece too - with your own story in it :)

Here's some of those I really liked for it's colors and the arrangements. Yes, I am a bracelet-mania! And you will see mostly bracelets throughout this post! =D

The color turquoise is my all time fave! Wear it with white, black, pink, brown and the wonderful turquoise brings out some distinct contrast to your overall fashion ensemble!
This pretty piece is going from RM27 onwards. 

Hints of pinks, dash of reds - the Ballerina dreams reflects the girly nature in you!

For something more meaningful, customize your accessories with something significant to you or your loved one whom  you intend to give it to. I love the Blessing piece with a chinese word in it. I don't really understand Chinese, but having that Chinese wording just makes it so oriental! =D
Those red lantern-like beading adds to the Oriental charm :)

Love Beyond gives the mysterious feel with the use of dark-hued beads and crystal. The big pendant that says 'Love Beyond Moon & Stars" makes it more meaningful. Goes well if gothic is your style! =D

This is a pretty interesting piece with some layering of the chain. Vignette encompasses of 3 multi-cut cobalt-blue crystal attached in chain mode. A simple yet classy piece. If you like this piece but would like something that speaks more of you, do contact Vee for that customization work and let her work some unicorn magic! You can select a different set of charms to suit your character or a different set of colors for the cabochons or the crystal itself. Click here to buy : Vignette

These pretty accessories Wonderfully Made by Vee makes a great gift shall you be scouting for gifts. it comes in boxes and nicely decorated with ribbons for that extra girly feel ;)

The above are just some of those I can't take my eyes off. What is your fave?
Check them out here :

Wonderfully Made!

We love offers don't we? And Wonderfully Made by Vee just have got all the awesome offer for you to kickstart your purchase!

*5% off ongoing promo for Facebook page fans. Like them : WONDERFULLY MADE

*Spend RM50 and get RM5 off for your next purchase when you share & tag a photo of your purchase made from Wonderfully Made.

*Free shipping for purchase of RM100 and above(within Malaysia only).

And for you YSK readers, spend RM20 and enjoy special 15% off from 8/5/14 until 31/5/14

I spotted something I want for myself already!!

Happy Shopping!!
 By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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