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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sweep It in 8!

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

If you have been frequenting the supermarket or even actively scrolling your social media platforms, I am pretty sure you must have come across "healthi-nistas" flashing their natural goodness spree from the supermarket - the Nestle range of healthy chilled products!

Ya, this kinda 'healthy selfies' I am referring to =D

Somehow, I am not a milk person despite all the goodness you can get in milk. Some stuff just cannot pass the mouth! Yogurt drinks is most probably the next best alternative with equal amount of goodness and not forgetting 'low-fat' formula to make sure the drinking experience will not grow you horizontally but exponentially in health. 

To me, they are simply the greatest invention for lazy people who cannot bear the thought of cutting up fruits and slicing it piece-by-piece. OK, I am referring to myself ONLY. 
I love fruits, yet I hate to have to wash it and peeling skin and later slicing it into smaller portion. Mango is oh-so-delicious but to peel the skin and slice it perfectly..is just not my forte. I would rather spend 45 minutes trying out new dresses than attempting to peel =D
My solution? I opt for ready-made goodness from Nestle Bliss!

See!? You simply pick your favorite fruits and drink!

Okay, so you don't have the fibers from the fruits just by drinking it these yogurt drinks. Fine. But you are consuming other form of nutrients from Vitamins to Calcium, Magnesium and live culture which is good to aid in our daily digestive problems

My favorite flavor of 'em all :)

Decided to give the Greek Yogurt a try this time round

Good news! If the Nestle range of chilled products are common food that you and your family stock up, well here's a chance for you to win an opportunity to shop and sweep whatever that you can in 8 minutes!

The Nestle Supermarket Sweep Contest details HERE

The Nestle Supermarket Sweep will be running from the 1st of May till 9th July 2014. During this period, don't forget to keep your proof of purchase for all Nestle chilled products that is eligible to grant you an entry to the contest.

The range of Nestle chilled products that you can stock up and use the receipts for your entries

Some simple steps to winning that golden 8 minutes of shopping yo!
More details here : NestleBliss Supermarket Sweep
How to submit : Click Here

Have a great week ahead with Nestle Bliss!

Click Here to :

Click Here to join the Supermarket Sweep :

Get healthy get Nestle!
By Cynthia Lee a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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