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Monday, December 30, 2013

13 Wishes for a Better Year!

by Cynthia Lee

Hello ghouls! You must be wondering why do I keep having these post on those scary lil monsters YourShoppingKaki every now and then. Because it is to me a part of my fashion statement! LOL! I am not 100% deeply addicted yet, as I do not own every piece of 'em. But I know a good one worth owning when I spot one. I love 'em so much and actually do have them everywhere -at work, in my car and sometimes, randomly in my bag haha!
 Let me again introduce to you more of these pretty lil monster!

Attended one of the event organised by Mattel and Toys' R Us a couple of month back and boy, there was so much fans from small kids to adults (me).

There's some live 'monsters' too!

You get to snap some pictures with these monsters in this human sized Monster High packaging

During the event, there was this display area that showcases the recent collection from Monster High that got me all wobbly and teeth-clenching!
The Monster High 13 Wishes dolls range is uber cool!! 
13 Wishes Dolls Assortment to drool for!
L-R : Howleen Wolf, Twyla, Gigi Grant and Lagoona Blue

Gigi Grant and Twyla is two new dolls introduced under this collection. Gigi is the daughter of the Genie, and so she must grant the wishes of her finder – whether good or bad! Daughter of the Boogie man, Twyla is not what she seems. Often shy and misunderstood, she hides under normies beds to capture their nightmares.

Besides these core dolls under the 13 Wishes Collection, there's also 3 screamingly hot doll with almost couture-like dresses that you just cannot miss. The 13 Wishes Haunt the Casbah features Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankestein. These dolls adorns the most of accessories and they look so 'atas'!
L-R : draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein here to captivate!

So, I can't possibly leave the venue empty handed. They are just too pretty to be ignored. I liked Lagoona's yellow hair against her blue complexion. It's so not mainstream and I like! Twyla is so mysterious with her ombre hair against her pale skin. This time round Howleen isn't my choice as she is too street-wear based. I end up with Gigi Grant as I wanted something that really reflects 13 Wishes and the genie-inspired fusion. Lagoona is too 'aqua' in this scenario =P

Upclose of Twyla and Lagoona Blue

So I came home with these!

Blogged about the Ghouls Alive HERE and my 13 Wishes haul ;)

Don't underestimate these dolls. They are so detail in make from makeup to their costumes and dresses and shoes of course! 

Don't you just love the intricacy of these heels?

Gigi Grant have so much hair  and all neatly bundled up in her genie hairstyle. I am going to untie it soon and re-style it when I have the time. She is wearing a genie like attire and carrying a lamp, the exact envision I had of what 13 Wishes is meant to be ;)

Close up of Gigi Grant. Check out those tattoo on her neck!

Here's another close up of my Clawdeen in her awesome glitterati makeover! It took me more than 45 minutes in squats, half squats, sitting and suatting at the display shelf choosing for the best looking one. Sometimes there are some imperfection like the eye shadow being slightly out of place or the hair becomes messy due to it being trans[ported all the way from overseas. So yeah, you just need to pick one that is most 'connected' to you. 

Close up of Clawdeen Wolf

Rows and rows of them!

The new addition to my collection!

The 13 Wishes core dolls are priced at RM79.90 each and comes with doll stand, comb and their respective accessories. 
The Haunt the Casbah dolls are priced at RM89.90 each and comes with the doll stand, comb and their respective accessories.
Another great produce of Mattel!
You can get them in any Toys' R Us store and major AEON stores. It gets more excited during sales period as sometimes they can be on sales ;)

Shamelessly admitting, I am a FAN!!!

Check these monster out over here :
Website   |   Facebook

Have a monsterific day!
By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


Danny THTing said...

My pretty Sasha Ting ZiYi with Monster High fans. Thanks for this nice photo ��

Carolyn Cooley said...

So cute and specially I really like the background of the nice pic.

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