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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pretty Lil X'mas Surprise by TinyPinc

By Cynthia Lee ( Guest Blogger)

This is going to be something fun for those of you who always have this lil' desire in your heart to be artsy but am not able to translate that creativity out to good use.
Welcome to the world of decoden!! 'Deco' - being the short for decor, as in decorating and 'den', extracted from the Japanese word of 'den-wa', easily refers to the art of decorating the phone with lots of blings and cutesy stuff normally. These decodents consist of lots of embellishments which are normally handmade. But of course, when there is a demand, that's when China will mass produce these lil' embelishment for those who do not know how to make their own =D

picture credit to google

Decoden nowadays is just not confined to phone casing. It can be done on nails and other decorative products such as jars, picture frames or even costume jewelleries.

While you fancy looking at an already decorated piece of work, what about giving it a try on your own?
Pour that creative juice of yours with the DIY Decoden Set by TinyPinc!

The stash of decoden embellishments to kickstart the DIY activity!

I choose my decoden set based on Sweet Pastry theme haha! After all, most decodens are sweet and pretty! I wanted a Rock Chick one but I guess Rock Chicks don't stay at home squeezing creams and do decorations >.<

You will need a basic set ; cream for the base, jar to decorate, nozzles to give patterns to the cream when squeezed and of course those pretty decoden embellishments!

The tools and accessories to start off

This is how cute and tiny and detailed these clay work embellishments are from TinyPinc

For beginners who have totally no idea on how do you start or plan the arrangement later, you can always refer to some Youtube videos of those who have done it.
It will give you a rough idea on what you can do for each steps.

This is where I learnt to do mine ;)

Putting on the cream is fun! Well, it's fun for me as I never have baked and decorated a cake or even a mini cupcake before in life! 
Simply select the desired nozzle and squeeze on! 

Starting slow and steady ;)

And the completed base of cream

It's always good to put aside the kind of embellishments that you want to use for the decoration so that once you are done with the base, you can immediately decorate it before it dries up. 

Added the ice cream top, followed by some cookies and sprinkles!

If you didn't get enough embellishments or only have a small budget. but would like to add more spice to your decoden, you can always look around things in your vanity case or even your lil' sister's accessories for any small ornaments that you could recycle. Here, I have a plastic filled with rubber bands and hair clips for kiddies that a small cousin gave me haha! I detached some pretty tiny flowers from some hair clips to use. Also managed to get a kitty figurine attached to one of those scrunchies!

Pick the right size so as not to overwhelm the whole concept.

Tadah!! And it's done!

After completing the project I still have some cream left along with a handful of the embellishments. I can defintely look for a smaller jar to do another piece. Yay!
You don't need to get this baked as it is air dired by the way :)

Can't wait to get your hand on a set to play with? You should! Head on to TinyPinc and order a set or two now! It is also a great gift to friends who loves the arty of decoden too. Make this a Christmas gift for 'em.

If you are just not good in arts at all and would rather buy something ready made, here's some of those stuff that I would so buy!

The X'mas Card Clipper at RM50

Miniature Snow Globe decor going for RM39

Coffee and Rose Miniature Magnet decor going for RM38.00

Chocolate and Rose Miniature Magnet decor going for RM38.00

You can visit TinyPinc's Facebook page for more inspiration and be awed!
Place your order quick if this is meant to be for X'mas pressie yeah as most probably a lot of blogshops will be closed during the festive period. 

Happy Shopping!!
by Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YorshoppingKaki


Jasrina Allion said...

Such a great idea! And it would make a great gift too. :) Thanks for sharing!

Jasrina P.
- www.jasrinaprisca.blogspot.com

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