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Monday, July 8, 2013

Let's Go To Scaris

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

What's fashionable, trendy and uber cute besides me?
That will definitely be something very related to me - my dolls! My Monster High dolls to be exact.
When I got to know about these dolls, it took me some time to get acquainted with it. Mainly because most of my friend thinks its scary.
But if you stare longer, and have a look at how other Monster High fans were so passionate about their dolls, you can't help but to eventually be so fascinated with them!

I started with having one of them being sponsored by Mattel. And ended with buying the rest of them to accompany my fashionable Rochelle Goyle =D

Draculaura Sweet 1600 looking like a diva!
Spectra Vondergeist have never looked any less cooler with her deep set stare.

I would label Jinafire as the protector of all evils with her Oriental moves!
And Frankie Stein wearing some of my atas jewellery from Ollie Jewellery ;)

These were my intial collection =D

If you are not familiar with the dolls, they are creatively inspired around a group of college going kids. All of them are kids of reputable parents, namely Frankenstein (Frankie Stein's dad), Dracula (Draculaura's dad) The Mummy (parents of Cleo de Nile). You can get to know more about the ghouls here : Monster High Students Profile

I have recently added a new set of accessories to my Monster High Collection - The Scaris Cafe! =D  I can't be having 8 dolls and nowhere to hang out right? =D

having a tete-a-tete under the purple umbrella

The detailings of the cafe and the accessories were gorgeous! The benches and table were made out of cobweb details and the set comes with a set of assorted snacks and drinks for the ghouls! 

The Scaris Cafe retails at RM109.90 and available in Toys R Us

Here's an upclose of the vendor cart with wheels that can move! There's a coffee machine too and a pastry shelf to make it more lively. I love the contrast of black against pink for the detailing on the cart. So Scarisian!

The Scaris Cafe is an accessories under the Scaris: City of Frights Monster High Toy Collection. If you have been frequenting Toys R Us and am a fan yourself, you would know what are the collections available from time to time. The City of Frights revolves around Clawdeen Wolf who gets to join a fashion design competition in Scaris. She invited a few of her ghoul friends for the trip and during the journey, they met Skelita Calaveras and Jinafire Long. And yes, I can't resist how Jinafire was so exceptionally oriental and hails from Fanghai, that I brought her home the very first time when I saw it on the toy rack in Toys R Us Bangsar Village =D

I love them much! The vibrant colors in their makeup and dressing makes you feel like you are in a crowd of trendiest ghouls ever!

Skelita Calaveras is the daughter of Eskeletos and hails from Hexico! She is a beauty! Despite her meatless body, I personally thinks that she exudes such air of intelligence and creativity. Check out her make up!
Her colorful outfit against her jet black hair with  streaks of burnt orange made her look like an effortless beauty. 
She is not anorexic by the way. She is just weird like that =P

So you may ask, why are you seeing all these dolls here in YourShoppingKaki? Well, cus I just find these dolls to be so resembling of us! Fashionable and have a great sense of dressing, spotted in the latest of ombre and dip dye hairstyle that all of us yearns for, comes with super diva make up skills that we all hope to be able to achieve and of course each one of them carries a different character that I think represent some of us girls =D

The girls under the Scaris Collection - retailing at RM79.90

Do have a visit to the Monster High Malaysia Facebook Group to check out other MH fans collections and their creative injection  to their dolls!

If you want to know more about just who are these ghouls, check out the Monster High Official site here : 

All Monster High merchandise are available in all Toys R Us store in Malaysia. Now, are you tempted to get one? =D

Happy Shopping!!
By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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