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Monday, April 15, 2013

Mirror, mirror, on the wall... Don't need you with Vanity Trove around!

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

By now this beauty box needs no more introduction to the beauty junkie community. If you are still new to the world of beauty boxes, welcome on board!

Not a new name in the beauty box community, Vanity Trove Malaysia is a local extension of the original Vanity Trove from Singapore. Their April box needs no introduction as by now, most of you beauty junkies would have done a review or tested the products already!

The theme for April brings you the Shower of Summer - their theme for the month.

And what exactly do you need in summer? =D The box  comes just about time for this warm and humid April! All the thing you need to go through a hot and humid month is enveloped inside this classy white box ;)


Having Clarins in the box is a real joy to me and I am sure to a lot of other junkies too! Though it's not that difficult to walk up to a beauty counter and ask for these to try out before committing to a full sized one, the chances are you would most probably be cornered with Beauty Assistant reminding you the goodness of a bottle of whitening  lotion and slapping some on your wrist to see an effect that cannot be seen instantly. The chances are that you will be walking home half-heartedly with an actual bottle in your bag, not knowing if that's the right product for your skin. 

Thanks to Vanity Trove, you can now reverse the experience and have a try at the samples first at your convenience and later on proceed to the counter with a list of 101 questions for the Beauty Assistant before deciding for the ideal product for your skin ;)

For the April's edition, you get to savour the goodness of the Clarins White Plus Intensive Brightening Serum that claims to target different layers of the skin with the exclsusive Trans-Luminiscent complex that activates millions of light-reflecting  skin 'micro-mirrors' to help restore translucency for a fairer and more even skin tone. Doesn't that just sound convincing enough for you to rip off the satchet and start testing out the packet of goodness? =D

The one  color that cannot be left out during summer is of course the shimmery, earthy shade of brown for that sun kissed or tanned look. To complete that summery feel, the Kate Dual Tone Eyeshadow is a must have for all time! Open up the eyes with the lighter shade by using it as a highlighter. You can also create a gradual blend of colors by using both the colors with the lighter shade on the inner corner of the eyes and the darker shade at the outer corner. 

Kanebo Kate Eyeshadow DB

I can never say no to a mini sized perfume vial of any brands that comes in a beauty boxes. These vials are great to carry around to freshen up whenever you feel like you have been swarmed with a dash of smoke from the restaurant or clubs. 

The L'e Au D'Issey EDT, greatly known for its floral warm undertones fits the bill of a summery feel. Despite not having summer in Malaysia, the refreshing floral scent creates a harmonious and soothing scent-sation against the hot weather. 

Other products included in the April box is the Oriks Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream. Developed in France, this moisturiser claims to smoothen out  wrinkles, tighten pores and brighten complexion - the 3 essential fix for most  young executives! 

There's also Nail Wrap by Perkins that comes in funky designs, but suiting the theme of summer. I spotted some other reviewer with cutesy floral designs too! Great beauty accessories for all you non professional manicurist who still want to be able to DIY your own nail art, fuss free!!

There is also a piece of KilaDoll mask included in the box. No girls will ever complain about having too many masks :) The mask is made of herbal extract and uses 100% wood pulp fiber which means it is eco-friendly.

If previously you felt that RM60 is a bit too much to pay for some 'atas' beauty samples, now you cna have the equally 'atas' range stored in the same 'atas' packaging but at a not so 'atas' price anymore! Re-priced at RM50, Vanity Trove Malaysia is making their box more affordable for all of you beauty junkies!

So you may feel that RM50 could still be very expensive for a box of curated beauty samples, but what are the chances for you to be introduced to new brands and products without having to invest into an actual sized bottle after being smooth-talked by those skillful Beauty Assistant? =D

Despite the sudden hiccup  in the March box which got a lot of disapproval from subscribers due to the lesser than appealing size of products and the products itself, Vanity Trove managed to make everyone squeal with delight with their April comeback. It screams an awesome summer-ific surprise to the subscribers of the month. Well, I LOVE the April box!! Don't you love what you see here? =D

It's most probably too late for you to subscribe to the coming May edition of the box, which promises an awesome wholesome goodness of beauty delights, but never too late for you to start stalking for the June box!

The subscription cycle ;)

If you know you want this box of delights, you just have to click here: SUBSCRIBE.

Like their Facebook page at Vanity Trove Malaysia to stay on top of their updates. Or better still, let's join the club and get your first subscription now! JOIN VANITY TROVE!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

1 comment:

懿~爱与真理的世界 said...

ahhh this is the RM50 that you talking about, ok la for such brands inside a Rm50 box.

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