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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Enter Luxola.

By Wei Ni (Guest Blogger)

If there’s one thing I love, it’s convenience. When it comes to shopping, lately I find myself too lazy to go to malls or even if during the off chance I am there I so rarely purchase anything. The whole idea of queuing up for a dressing room just totally turns me off, likewise when it comes to make-up and beauty products!

The thing about beauty products is that there are usually TOO many options and TOO many brands displayed at once. I can never decide where to look, unless there is something in mind that I already know that I am going to purchase, I’d rather shop online.

Enter Luxola.

An online beauty store that’s based in Singapore which brings affordable and premium brands from across the globe. I first stumbled upon them when I was looking to buy the famed Konjac Sponge.

I think back then you had to buy above RM150/180 (can’t remember the exact amount) to receive free postage to Malaysia so for my first purchase at Luxola I bought 3 Konjac Sponges and 1 Dr. Jart Silver Label Rejuvenating BB Cream.

Shopping on their website was an easy and fuss-free experience. I picked what I wanted, checked out, paid by credit card and received my items in about a week or so.


The items all come packaged with bubble wrap so there is no worry about your items getting damaged during delivery. They even include a couple of samples of some of their other products for me to try!

One of my favourite things about their website has gotta be that you are able to keep your cart items until you are ready to check out. So let’s say you are an avid window shopper like me, you can just simply ‘Add to Cart’ and it’ll stay there until you’re ready to check out or the item is sold out. Usually what I would do is I’d wait for a time when they are either having a promotion on an item I want or a storewide discount for whichever special occasion and I’ll proceed to check out then.

My top picks from their website has gotta be…

My sister is currently using the Charcoal one and I started off with the French Green Clay
and decided the French Pink Clay was better for me.
This product is gentle and cleanses your face well,
leaving behind a smooth, even and more radiant surface.

I’ve got their F80 Flat Kabuki Brush, E35 Tapered Blending Brush
and E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush. I started off with the E35 but
found that it was a little too large for my teeny tiny Asian eyes
so decided to go ahead and get the E45 for more precise blending.
I find their brushes have nice soft bristles and are pretty affordable for their quality.

Personally I’ve always kinda liked Korres, so when I saw they had the lip butter available
I snapped up one in a beautiful Pomegranate shade.
While I do not love the pot application, I do really like the texture and shade of the lip butter.
It smooths on wonderfully leaving your lips feeling hydrate and
the added pop of colour instantly brightens up your face.
I also love the soft fruity scent that is absolutely juicy and delish!

A new addition to the Luxolateam!
I’ve never really been one to comb my hair but lately due to the many dye jobs and bleach
my hair has gone through in the past year, it definitely needing a little taming.
So when Luxola brought in these adorable little combs, I just HAD to grab one.
I picked… Shaun D Sheep! So does this actually work? Or is it all just talk?
Amazingly, the Tangle Teezer manages to comb and brush out all your tangles easily.
I don’t know how they do it, but it somehow manages to brush your hair
without having to tug and pull while still removing all your tangles. 

All in all, I am pretty satisfied with all my purchases from Luxola. I hope they will come up with more new brands soon as I am eager to see what other great products there are out in the market. Especially ones that are not easily attainable here in Malaysia!

Have you shopped at Luxola before? 
Do share with us your favourite purchases from them and 
if you’ve had any good/bad experiences we’d LOVE to hear from you!

Till next time,
Wei Ni out! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Wei Ni (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

1 comment:

synical said...

Yes! Really good experience! Would shop again... when they have sale/promotion, LOL!

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