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Friday, April 19, 2013

ChicKissLove. All about deals, spills & thrills - for shoppers and vendors!

By Wei Ni (Guest Blogger)

For Shoppers. 
If you're from Malaysia and you've just been eyeing on that gorgeous piece of little dress from a Singaporean blogshop, but somehow or another just can't bear to cough up the postage fees or maybe you just don't have a Singaporean bank account or even Paypal to make the purchase. So what do you do? You stare longingly at the dress and tell it a sad goodbye. 

Enter Chic.Kiss.Love

The ideal middle man between for all shoppers in Malaysia & Singapore! With their super easy sign up, incredibly clean and neat layout, shopping online has never been easier! The best part, you get the option of buying your favourite items from your favourite blogshops within Malaysia and Singapore at a BARGAIN - AND with FREE shipping! 

The aim of Chic.Kiss.Love is to provide you with a platform to shop up to a thousand of products all of them under SGD20/RM50, and that's with shipping included! The myriad of items that can be found on their website is incredible! Shop the latest trends at a steal and get it shipped right to your doorstep for FREE! 

A great mix of Malaysian and Singaporean labels. 

Browsing through the website is super simple, you can opt to either shop via LABELS, COLOURS, PATTERNS, TYPE and even MOOD! 

So if you've got a hot date coming up, just scroll over to the MOOD icon and look for either Dressy, Evening or even Edgy! The choices available are endless and at SGD20/RM50 and under - what more could you ask for?

Shoes and Rings Galore! 

Shop by Work or Print ;)

Super easy check out function! 

You can opt to pay via Paypal or Bank Transfers. They've got bank accounts set up in both Malaysia & Singapore so if you don't have the option of a credit card you can still manual bank in. Shopping online has never been easier! 

For Labels. 
If you've been looking to get into the international market for quite awhile now but haven't quite seen the fruits of your labour yet, Chic.Kiss.Love might be just what you need! 

Personally as a vendor, I have never had such an easy to use website before! Signing up was a seamless and quick process, uploading new items were an absolute breeze! 

Super fast way to upload your latest products! 

They've really put a lot of thought into getting this part of the website perfect for all us Vendors. There's even a SGD-RM conversion rate table. The speed in which your photo is uploaded is pretty quick as well! If you've got one item in multiple colours, the CLONE ITEM option is incredibly handy! So all you gotta do after you've cloned the item is change the colour and picture of your item and TADAH! You're done! No need to go through the whole process of typing every single detail back in. 

Here you can take a look at all the products that you have uploaded on the website. Check their names, prices, quantity, published status and so much more! Once your item has been sold, just scroll on over to the far right of your item and hit the delete button! 

Every time you receive an order from a customer, an email will be sent to you & you can just login to the website to check the status of the order. Once payment has been received & verified, just fill in the tracking no. of the parcel on your ORDERS page and your customer will instantly be sent an email letting them know their parcel has been sent out. 

Sales report will be sent to you once a month and payment will be made usually within a week or so. Absolutely no fuss! 

So as a vendor or a shopper, Chic.Kiss.Love is the place to start! So what are you waiting for, get browsing! :)

Vendors Registration
Good news for vendors who are keen to be on board and join in the fun with the Chic Kiss Love platform! You can get a discount of 15SGD off from their one time nominal registration fees of 50SGD, if you quote the YSK code. For keen vendors, do email to business@chickisslove.com or chickisslove@gmail.com with your email titled VENDOR APPLICATION and quote "iloveYSK" to get the 15SGD off.

Till next time,
Wei Ni out! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Wei Ni (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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