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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The scariest of them all!

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Hello ghouls! I am sure by now, those of you who have been following our Monsterrific posts on this blog and on our Facebook page are familiar with the characters from Monster High. Monster High Dolls are a creation from Mattel (your Barbie maker!) which revolves around a group of monster high school kids. Each Monster High doll is a unique character in itself, with its own personality and sense of fashion. Yes, fashion - that's where we come in! ;)

We have previously organised 2 contest - the makeover contest and the designing contest based on your favourite dolls from Monster High. The much awaited moment has finally come - we'd like to thank everyone for participating, and we hope you've had as much fun as we did! For fans who have submitted your entries and have been waiting long for the results, here it is!

Winners of Best Monster Makeover
Each of you will receive a limited edition Sweet 1600 doll!

Hani Miyavihoney Suraya 

"I want to have a Monster High Doll because I love this series! ever since I watched all the webisodes, I just need to collect them and I have chosen Ghoulia Yelp as my muse for the makeover because there are so many reasons that I love this character! She is the most similar to me in a lot of way. She's a tech geek who also love superhero comics. Moreover she is a Zombie. My favorite type of monster! Her favourite color is Red, the same as me and I love her sense of style with glasses."

Arisa Chow 
"I want to have a Monster High Doll because owning a unique doll like Skelita is a dream come true and it also adds a lil feminine touch to my skeleton collection (p/s : i think owning barbie is too mainstream lol)  I have chosen Skelita Calaveras as my muse for the makeover because of my obsession with skulls, bones and death I can never get enough of it :-) and Skelita's personality surprisingly almost matches mine! We are ultimate party goers, party till we drop and not to mention our similar beliefs for fashion. To top it up,I've always like Mexican culture and especially their food (Tacos are my favs!) that makes Skelita the ultimate choice for me ♥"
"The world dies over and over again, but the skeleton always gets up and walks." -Henry Miller
Vanessa Aurora
"I want to have a Monster High Doll because they are so different but yet unique from any other dolls you've seen before. The ghouls in Monster High is voltageously, fangtastically and scarily cool to be with. And I have chosen Cleo de Nile as mymuse for the makeover because she is the DYNASTIC DIVA who is the most regal princess in school. She maybe arrogant at times but she is also a monster who cares about her friends and she is a Captain of the Fearleading Team. Lastly, her sense of fashion is to "Live" for, from her exotic jewelries to her traditional wrap bandages, she's a ghoul who can work a scene"

Winners of Best Designed Costume
 Each of you will receive a Monster High core doll selected by Mattel!

Wei Tieng

"Inspired by Frankie Stein, this is a prom dress for the chic and edgy Frankie! 
Comes with the mesh headgear for a lil' bit of English romance"

Watts Cullen Evens

"Inspired by Venus, I created a big brother for her. Let's welcome Levine McFlytrap!"

Videl Ichiban

"Inspired by Operetta's rockability, this playsuit is a must for this ghoul with attitude!"

YSK and Mattel would also like to thank the rest of these fanatic fans 
who have sent in their impressive works of art:

For those of you who is in the winning list, please email the below details to asha@gocomm.com.my (CC to yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com) to claim your prize. 
Include your details as per the following :
  • Full Name : 
  • Telephone Number:
  • Mailing / Posting address :
  • Email:
  • Blog address (if any): yes, they want to know how big is your Monster collection in case you blogged about it! =D
If there is no response received 14 days from this announcement, the prize will go to the next deserving entries. So hurry up!!!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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