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Monday, January 28, 2013

Doodle me a love story.

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

With Valentine's Day incoming, this is a mushy story. But you most probably won't be in tears, because I am not a romantic person =P This is a story about love. The love to your friends, the love to your parents. And of course, the love to your soulmate in life - your other half. The process of building a relationship is like a putting a sketch on canvas. Everyone aims to have the most perfect piece of sketch on the canvas, like those in the wonderland ;) When we see how wonderful the entire scenario is, as shown in movies or in storybooks, we envision ourselves to be in it. We assume life is meant to be like that - we just want it to be perfect fairy tales. These real-life fairy tales, however, don't look like they are in movies or Disney cartoons - it's a lot more realistic, and a lot less magical. However, we wouldn't say that there isn't any magic at all when it comes to storytelling. There's a whole lotta magic in artwork, by talented online stores such as Black Milk Studio.

Awesome picture by Axioo
Reappropriated by Black Milk Studio

Then we realised not all love stories are like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's, or like Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. Because each of us have our own story to tell. What better time to let your story be told, than for Valentine's Day - through whimsical artworks by Black Milk Studio?

Every story is different - what's yours?

Going on a journey only understood by us, wrestling bears in the morning, racing squirrels by noon.

Let's admit it, all girls are bossy and naggy. And it will be great if your other half agrees to what you say ;)

I told ya to Listen, Listen, Listen to me!! 
Birds have feelings, I have feelings too!

Then you realise things may not be as pretty as cupcakes, as sweet as marshmallows, but you still have great moments together, being in each other's company and would want to do so for a long long time.

And so this journey of togetherness, wrestling bears, racing squirrels and drinking from the bowl will just be something that you have started to appreciate. All the cute conceptualisation of images you have seen above are part of the process that makes up the final caricature that is churned out from Black Milk Studio

With a single piece of actual photo of you and your loved one (can be your girlfriend, boyfriend or even your pets!), and some brief description of what is your style and character, let the people from Black Milk Studio work some magic and churn out the cutest doodle character based on your that! =D 

My own doodled caricature | The picture used for inspiration

So you may ask, what are you going to do with this doodled illustration of yours?

I had this spark of idea to have a print out of the doodle and have it stuck on some recycled bottle to be given out as door gift on my 'DIY' and low cost wedding day! Haha!

A sample of print out attached to a collagen bottle =D

As a personalised gift to yourself or your loved one 
or get one each to place in each of your homes =P

You can also use the doodle character to be part of your engagement or wedding invites print outs

More samples of what Black Milk can do for you
if you want to conceptualise your doodled characters into print-outs.

Happy and cute customers ;)

What Are the Packages Offered?
There are different packages depending on the purpose of the doodle. A basic couple doodle starts from RM350. But if you want only a doodle of yourself and no one but Yourself, do enquire within. I am pretty sure they can do that for you too. 

Like BLACK MILK STUDIO on Facebook to get updates now!
Or check out their site for full portfolio of their works here: Black Milk Studio

Doodle your own love story today!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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